Wiener AC

Wiener Athletiksport Club (commonly abbreviated to Wiener AC) is a sports club in Vienna, Austria. It was founded in 1897.

The club's bandy section played its first game on February 24, 1901, losing 19-1 to Training Eis Club. It later played in the Austrian Bandy Cup in 1921 and 1922. WAC joined the Austrian Ice Hockey Federation (OEHV) in 1931.

WAC began playing hockey in 1921-22. It joined the Austrian Hockey Championship for its inaugural 1922-23 season and participated in the competition in its various forms and names until 1932.

After the reorganization of Austrian hockey in 1932, WAC found themselves playing in the regional Vienna Championship. They bounced around the various levels of the championship through the 1937-38 season, never reaching the State Championship.

After the German Anschluss of Austria in 1938, WAC played as a combined team with Österreichischer Wintersportclub in the Western District Championship during the 1938-39 season.

Season-by-season recordsEdit

Austrian Championship (1922-1932)Edit

Season Games Won Tied Lost Points Goals
1922-23- - -- - --5thNo playoffs
1923-245 - -- - --4th Group BDid not qualify
1924-25- - -- 2 10264thNo playoffs
1925-26- - -- - -- 4th in 4th round-
1926-275 0 14 1 2 366thNo playoffs
1927-285 2 034 10265thNo playoffs
1928-295 20341023 4thNo playoffs
1929-303 1 02 2 5153rd Group BDid not qualify
1930-3131 2 01 4 8 13rd Group BLost final
1931-324 3 016 952nd Group B4th final round

1. Wiener AC's game against Cottage EV was not recorded due to a protest. The OEHV failed to reach a decision on its outcome before season's end. As WEC still had a chance to finish first in the group, they advanced to play Wiener EV in the final along with Pötzleinsdorfer SK (a 9-0 defeat to WEV).

Vienna Championship (1932-1938)Edit

Season Games Won Tied Lost Points Goals
1932-338 0 26 2 4275th Klasse 1Relegated
1933-345 2 125 15153rd Klasse 2.aNo playoffs
1934-354 4 00 8 2631st Klasse 2.aPromoted
1935-368 4 2210 9103rd Klasse 1No playoffs
1936-378 6 11 13 2381st Klasse 1Promoted
1937-38- - --- --4th LigaNo playoffs

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