Western Ukrainian Amateur Hockey League
Sport Ice hockey
Founded 2005
No. of teams 7
Country(ies) Flag of Ukraine.svg Ukraine

The Western Ukrainian Amateur Hockey League (ZUHL) (Ukrainian: Західно Українська аматорська хокейна ліга (ЗУХЛ), Zakhidno Ukrayinska amatorska khokeina liha) is an ice hockey league in Ukraine. During the 2009-10 season, Division C of the Ukrainian Hockey Championship was made up of teams from the ZUHL.

With the transfer of the Championship to the Professional Hockey League (PHL) in 2011, these teams became incorporated into the ZUHL on a permanent basis.

It was known as the Lviv Open Championship during the 2013-14 season. It appears the competition has not been staged since then.


Team City/Area Founded Joined
HC Yavir Yavoriv
HC Kalush Kalush
HC Chervonohrad Chervonohrad
HC Express Lviv
HC Favoryt Rivne
HC Lviv Lviv
HC Vedmedi Uzhhorod
HC Enei Drohobych
HC Liubart Lutsk
VIM-Berkut Lviv


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