Jets de Viry-Essonne
Jets de Viry-Essonne
City: Viry-Chatillon, France
League: FFHG Division 2
Home Arena: Patinoire des Lacs de l'Essonne
Colors: Yellow, Green, White
Franchise history
1951-1971: US Métro
1971-2005: OHC Paris-Viry
2005-2011: Jets de Viry-Essonne
OHC Viry

OHC Paris-Viry logo.

The Jets de Viry-Essonne were an ice hockey team in Viry-Chatillon, France. The club was founded in 1951 as the hockey department of the US Métro sports club, and took on the name OHC Paris-Viry in 1971. The club was dissolved in 2011, and were replaced by Viry Hockey 91, which began play in the FFHG Division 3 in 2011-12.

They played in the top-level of French ice hockey from 1971-1987, with the exception of 1975, when they played in the Nationale 1B. They also participated in the top-level French league yearly from 1991-2001.


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