Turkish Ice Hockey Super League
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Sport Ice hockey
Founded 1993
No. of teams 6
Country(ies) Flag of Turkey.svgTurkey
Most recent champion(s) Zeytinburnu Belediyesi SK
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The Turkish Ice Hockey Super League (Turkish: Türkiye Buz Hokeyi Süper Ligi, abbreviated TBHSL) is the highest level of ice hockey in Turkey. It is operated under the jurisdiction of the Turkish Ice Hockey Federation, a member of the International Ice Hockey Federation. The league currently consists of six teams, from two different cities.

The champion of the league qualifies for the first round of IIHF Continental Cup.

History Edit

The Bel-Pa Ice Rink hosted the first match ever played in compliance with the IIHF rules and regulations, at the end of 1989 between Ankara Tarım Kredi Spor and Istanbul Paten Kulübü teams.

As of January 1990, ice hockey in Turkey operated under the jurisdiction of the Turkish Ski Federation, and the first championship ever was organized among two teams from Ankara and two from Istanbul. Ankara Büyükşehir Belediyesi, İstanbul Paten Klübü, Ankara Atatürk Buz Hokeyi Takımı and İstanbul Boğaziçi Patinaj Klübü participated in the competition and B.B. Ankara SK became the champion.

The rising interest in ice hockey led to an increasing number of players and teams. The Turkish Ice Hockey Federation was founded in 1991. Rino Ouellette, a Canadian diplomat in Ankara, who coached two teams consecutively, contributed much to the development of ice hockey sport in Turkey. A tournament, organized in 1992 (won by Belpa Ankara), laid the ground stone for the establishment of Turkey's first ice hockey league in 1993.

Hockey rinksEdit

Turkish Ice Hockey Super League games are played in two hockey rinks in Turkey. The Bel-Pa Ice Rink in Ankara has a seating capacity of 1,150 spectators and hosts the games of the teams based in Ankara[1]. The Kocaeli Ice Rink in Izmit has the largest seating capacity of any Turkish Ice Hockey Super League arena with its 3,600 seating capacity and it is home to the Kocaeli B.B. Kağıtspor[2]. Hockey rinks in Turkey follow the IIHF specifications for ice surface dimensions, 60 m length x 30 m width, and a corner radius of 8.5 m.

Apart from the hockey rinks in Ankara and Izmit, new olympic size hockey rinks were built in Istanbul, Erzurum and Bolu. A new hockey rink in Istanbul, the Silivrikapı Ice Skating Hall opened in September 2008. Another hockey rink is planned for Bolu, but construction has not yet begun. Under the 2011 Winter Universiade held in the city of Erzurum, three rinks were installed. One was permanent, the other two were dismantled and re-established in other cities of Turkey after the 2011 Winter Universiade games.[3]


Since the 1992-93 a regular Turkish national league is staged. In the first ever edition six teams competed and B.B. Ankara crowned themselves the champion, by winning all five games. This team earned most titles – seven in all. They battled out their last championship in the 2002-03 season. Polis Akademisi ve Koleji (Police Academy) won five championships and is the most successful team in recent years. Kocaeli B.B. Kağıt S.K. from Izmit was stopped after reigning from 2004.[4]. Since the beginning of the Turkish Ice Hockey Super League, Ankara teams earned most titles.

Season Champion Runner Up
2015-16 Zeytinburnu Belediyesi SK İzmir B.B. SK
2014-15 Zeytinburnu Belediyesi SK İzmir B.B. SK
2013-14 İzmir B.B. SK Zeytinburnu Belediyesi SK
2012–13[5] Başkent Yıldızları İzmir B.B. SK
2011–12 Başkent Yıldızları Kocaeli B.B. Kağıt SK
2010–2011 Başkent Yıldızları Kocaeli B.B. Kağıt
2009–2010 Ankara University SK Başkent Yıldızları
2008–2009 Polis Akademisi ve Koleji Kocaeli B.B. Kağıt
2007–2008 Polis Akademisi ve Koleji Kocaeli B.B. Kağıt
2006–2007 Kocaeli B.B. Kağıt Polis Akademisi ve Koleji
2005–2006 Polis Akademisi ve Koleji Kocaeli B.B. Kağıt
2004–2005 Polis Akademisi ve Koleji Kocaeli B.B. Kağıt
2003–2004 Polis Akademisi ve Koleji Kocaeli B.B. Kağıt
2002–2003 B.B. Ankara  
2001–2002 B.B. Ankara Polis Akademisi ve Koleji
2000–2001 Polis Akademisi ve Koleji B.B. Ankara
1999–2000 B.B. Ankara  
1998–1999 Gümüş Patenler  
1997–1998 Istanbul Paten Kulübü  
1996–1997 B.B. Ankara  
1995–1996 Kavaklıdere Belediyesi  
1994–1995 B.B. Ankara  
1993–1994 B.B. Ankara  
1992–1993 B.B. Ankara  

Performance by clubEdit

* means club has folded and is no longer operating.

Club Champions Winning Years
B.B. Ankara 7 1993, 1994, 1995, 1997, 2000, 2002, 2003
Polis Akademisi ve Koleji 5 2001, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2008
Başkent Yıldızları 3 2011, 2012, 2013
Zeytinburnu Belediyesi SK 2 2016
Kocaeli B.B. Kağıt 1 2007
Kavaklıdere Belediyesi 1 1996
Gümüş Patenler 1 1999
Istanbul Paten Kulübü 1 1998
Ankara University SK 1 2010
İzmir B.B. SK 1 2014


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