TV-pucken (English:the TV puck) is a Swedish national ice hockey tournament for district teams of boys under 15 years of age. It was created by hockey legend Sven "Tumba" Johansson.

The tournament is named "TV-pucken" because when it was first played in 1959, every game was broadcast on television, but nowadays only the playoff games are shown. It is generally considered a great merit for a Swedish ice hockey player to have played in TV-pucken.

Districts participatingEdit

There are 24 district teams divided in four groups participating in TV-pucken. Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, traditionally participates with two teams, which are named Vit (white) and Röd (red). In 2009, however, only one Stockholm team participated in the tournament.

Group A
Group B
Group C
Group D
Gotland Bohuslän/Dalsland Gästrikland Göteborg
Blekinge Dalarna Halland Hälsingland
Småland Norrbotten Medelpad Jämtland/Härjedalen
Värmland Skåne Örebro Södermanland
Västmanland Uppland Västergötland Västerbotten
Ångermanland Stockholm Röd Östergötland

TV-pucken winnersEdit

Winners since 1986.

Year Winner Runner-up
1986 Stockholm A
1987 Skåne
1988 Ångermanland
1989 Skåne
1990 Småland
1991 Småland
1992 Dalarna
1993 Ångermanland
1994 Ångermanland
1995 Dalarna
1996 Dalarna
1997 Stockholm A
1998 Stockholm A
1999 Stockholm A Göteborg
2000 Värmland Stockholm A
2001 Göteborg
2002 Södermanland Norrbotten
2003 Stockholm A Gästrikland
2004 Stockholm A Västmanland
2005 Värmland Skåne
2006 Göteborg Skåne
2007 Småland Stockholm
2008 Småland Västerbotten
2009 Stockholm Skåne
2010 Stockholm Småland
2011 Västerbotten Dalarna
2012 Stockholm North Gästrikland
2013 Västerbotten Västergötland


Team 1st placed 2nd placed
Stockholm A 13 11
Värmland 7 0
Dalarna 6 6
Västerbotten 6 9
Ångermanland 5  ?
Norrbotten 3 3
Småland 5 1
Södermanland 3 1
Skåne 2 7
Gästrikland 1 6
Göteborg 2 1
Västmanland 0 1
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