The Swiss U20 Regional Leagues are divided into three regions; West (Romande), Central, and East (Orientale). There are Top, A, and B level leagues in each region. Promotion and relegation between the regional divisions and the Swiss Elite B League exists.



  • Romande Top Yverdon Div. A Meyrin
  • Central Top Aarau Div. A Berne 96 (Group 1), Chiasso/Biasca (Group 2)
  • Orientale Top Prattigau-Herrschaft Div. A GCK Lions II


  • Romande Top Forward Morges Div. A Sion
  • Central Top Olten Div. A Dragon/Thun II
  • Orientale Top Saint-Moritz Div. A Illnau-Effretikon


  • Romande Top Geneve-Servette II Div. A Yverdon (Group 1), Sion (Group 2)
  • Central Top Brandis Div. A Seewen
  • Orientale Top Saint-Moritz Div. A Rapperswil II


  • Romande Top Sierre Div. A Villars
  • Central Top Brandis Div. A Unterseen-Interlaken Div. B Gstaad-Saanenland
  • Orientale Top Saint-Moritz Div. A Thurgau II


  • Romande Top Sierre D1 Saint-Imier
  • Central Top Adelboden D1 Aarau D2 Sursee
  • Orientale Top Thurgau D1 CdH Engiadina


  • Romande Top Franches-Montagnes D1 Saint-Imier
  • Central Top Dragon/Thoune D1 Adelboden D2 Dragon/Thoune 3
  • Orientale Top Schaffhausen D1 Herisau


  • Romande Top Franches-Montagnes D1 Trois Chene
  • Central Burgdorf D1 Adelboden D2 Seetal
  • Orientale Prattigau B D1 Schaffhausen D2 La Plaiv


  • Romande Top ENB Sensee D1 Vallee de Joux, Hockey 74
  • Central Top Zoug 11 D1 Adelboden D2 Schwarzenburg, Bellinzona
  • Orientale Top Coire D1 Prattigau-H D2 Walliesellen


  • Romande Top Ajoie D1 Le Locle, Servette II
  • Central Top Zoug II D1 Wisle-Worb D2 Oberlangenegg, Seetal
  • Orientale Uzwil D1 Dielsdorf D2 Rheintal


  • Romande Top Meyrin D1 Moutier, Forward Morges
  • Central Top Olten D1 Zoug II D2 Seetal
  • Orientale Top Coire D1 Dornbirn D2 Bulach II


  • Romande Top Villars D1 Neuchatel Young Sprinters D2 Rarogne
  • Central Top Bale D1 Lucerne D2 Rheinfalden
  • Orientale Top ZSC Lions II D1 Schwennigen D2 Winterthur II


  • Romande Top Viege D1 Sensee
  • Central Top Burgdorf D1 Wettingen-Baden D2 Koppigen
  • Orientale Top Kreuzlingen/Konstanz D1 Illnau-Effretikon D2 Glarner EC


  • Romande Top Fribourg-Gotteron 2 D1 Saint-Imier, Monthey
  • Central Top Olten D1 Bellinzoona D2 Koppingen, Zunzgen-Sissach, Lucerne
  • Orientale Top Bulach D1 Arosa D2 Schwennigen


  • Romande Top Octodure D1 Saint-Imier
  • Central Top Brandis D1 Adelboden, Lugano D2 Oberlangenegg
  • Orientale Top Saint-Moritz


  • Romande Top Villars D1 Fribourg-Gotteron 2
  • Central Top BEO Ost Unterseen D1 Bellinzona D2 EHC Napf
  • Orientale Top SC Rapperswil-Jona D1 EHC Kreuzlingen D2 HC Prattigau


  • Romande Viege, Moutier
  • Central Top Berne, Lyss D2 Adelboden, Burgdorf II
  • Orientale Top Rheintal, Davos II D1 Kusnacht II


  • Romande Top Sierre D1 Saint-Imier, Meyrin D2 Chaux-de-Fonds
  • Central Top Langnethal D1 Langnau II D2 Konolfingen, Reinach
  • Orientale Top Uzwil D1 Lenzerheide, Lucerne D2 Kusnacht, Dubendorf

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