1. Liga
Sport Ice hockey
Founded 1937 (first recorded season)
No. of teams 36
Country(ies) Flag of Switzerland.svg.png Switzerland
Most recent champion(s) HCC Biasca
Official website

The 1.Liga is the third level of ice hockey in Switzerland and the highest level of amateur hockey of the country.


The 1.Liga is divided in three divisions: Ostschweiz (East Switzerland; OS), 13 teams; Zentralschweiz (Central Switzerland; ZS), 12 teams and Suisse Romande (Romandie, SR), 12 teams.

Participating teamsEdit



Suisse RomandeEdit


Season Champion Runner-up Third place
2015-16 HCC Biasca EHC Thun HC Sion
2014-15 EHC Winterthur (OS)EHC Wiki-Münsingen (ZS) HC Sion (SR)
2013-14 EHC Dübendorf (OS)EHC Wiki-Münsingen (ZS) HC Franches-Montagnes (SR)
2012-13 HC Düdingen Bulls (SR)EHC Burgdorf (ZS) EHC Dübendorf (OS)
2011-12 HC Red Ice (SR)EHC Winterthur (OS) EHC Zuchwil Regio (ZS)
2010-11 Huttwil Falcons (ZS) HC Red Ice (SR) EHC Arosa (OS)
2009/10 EHC Winterthur (OS) HC Red Ice (SR) Huttwil Falcons (ZS)
2008/09 EHC Frauenfeld (OS) HC Star Lausanne (SR) EHC Wiki-Münsingen (ZS)
2007/08 EHC Zuchwil Regio (ZS) EHC Winterthur (OS) HC Star Lausanne (SR)
2006/07 EHC Zuchwil Regio (ZS) EHC Dübendorf (OS) HC Neuchâtel Young Sprinters (SR)
2005/06 HC Thurgau (OS) SC Lyss (ZS) HC Düdingen Bulls (SR)
2004/05 SC Unterseen-Interlaken (ZS) EHC Dübendorf (OS) HC Martigny (SR)
2003/04 EHC Dübendorf (OS) Forward Morges HC (SR) SC Unterseen-Interlaken (ZS)
2002/03 EHC Chur (OS) EHC Napf (ZS) HC Star Lausanne (SR)

Bold: Teams promoted to the National League B.

Earlier champions:

Season Champion
2001/02 SC Langenthal (ZS)
2000/01 EHC Uzwil (OS)
1999/2000 HC Ajoie (SR)
1998/99 EHC Wiki-Münsingen (ZS)
1997/98 HC Sierre (SR)
1996/97 EHC Bülach (OS)
1995/96 HC Lucerne (OS)
1994/95 Genève-Servette HC (SR)
1993/94 SC Langnau (ZS)
1992/93 Grasshopper Club (OS)
1991/92 HC Thurgau (OS)
1990/91 HC Davos (OS)
1989/90 EHC Bülach (OS)
1988/89 SC Lyss (ZS)
1987/88 Genève-Servette HC (SR)
1986/87 HC Martigny (SR)
1985/86 SC Herisau (OS)
1984/85 HC Ajoie (SR)
1983/84 EHC Basel (ZS)
1982/83 EV Zug (OS)
1981/82 Grasshopper Club (OS)
Season Champion
1980/81 SC Herisau (OS)
1979/80 EHC Wetzikon (OS)
1978/79 EHC Chur (OS)
1977/78 EHC Dübendorf (OS)
1976/77 SC Rapperswil-Jona (OS)
1975/76 HC Luzern (OS)
1974/75 EHC Uzwil (OS)
1973/74 EV Zug (OS)
1972/73 EHC Arosa (OS)
1971/72 EHC Thun (ZS)
1970/71 HC Fleurier (SR)
1969/70 EHC Olten (ZS)
1968/69 Villars HC (SR)
1967/68 EHC Uzwil (OS)
1966/67 EHC Winterthur (OS)
1965/66 EHC St. Moritz (OS)
1964/65 SC Rapperswil-Jona (OS)
1963/64 SC Langenthal (ZS)
1962/63 SC Küsnacht
1959/60 EHC Winterthur
1958/59 HC Sion

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