Division 4
Sport Ice hockey
Founded 1999 (as sixth-tier)
No. of teams
Country(ies) Flag of Sweden.svg Sweden
Most recent champion(s) Multiple regional winners

The Swedish Division 4 is the sixth highest-level league, for men's ice hockey in Sweden.


The league is divided into 11 regional groups. The top teams in Division 4 are promoted to the fifth-level Division 3. It lies above Division 5.


  • 4A GBG
  • 4B GBG
  • Norra Stockholm
  • Småland
  • Stockholm Grupp 1
  • Stockholm Grupp 2
  • Södermanland
  • Uppland
  • Öst/Syd Stockholm
  • Öst/Väst Stockholm
  • Östergötland


As fifth-tier leagueEdit

  • 1998-99: Mariestad BoIS, Alvsby IF, Falu HC, IFK Stockholm, KB Knights, Virserums SGF, Kista HC, Hammaro Chiefs, Gallsta IK, Vaxjo Lakers HC

As sixth-tier leagueEdit

  • 1999-2000: Sigtuna HC, Lidingo Wik, Orby IS, Calmar HC
  • 2000-01: Jarfalla NS, Alla Fall, Vendelso, SPAIF, Herrings, Ramberget
  • 2001-02: Duvbo IK, Alta IF, HKL Make Believes, IFK Taby, Fotskals HC
  • 2002-03: Brinkens IF, Grantorps AIK, Kallhalls IF, Fotskals HC, IK Guts, Boras Knights
  • 2003-04: Vallingby AIK, Akersberga Vikings, Nykoping Griffins, Sergersjo HC, Rambergets HC, Herrings HC
  • 2004-05: Jarvso IK, Kallhalls IF, Boo IF, Orby IS, Aby HC, Flyers HC
  • 2005-06: Ulricehamns IF J20, HKL Make Believes, Varmdo HC 2, Ockelbo IF, SPAIF, Rambergets HC, IK Raid
  • 2006-07: Hemsta IF, Ulricehamns IF J20, Alta IF, HC Undici, HKL Make Believes, Rambergets HC, IK Raid
  • 2007-08: Telge Black Knights, HC Lidkoping J20, Vallingby AIK, IK Huge 2, Aby HC, HKL Make Believes, Bele Barkarby
  • 2008-09: Bajen Fans IF, Sala HK, Grastorps IK J20, Aby HC, Jarfalla North Stars, Tyreso HK, Gripen HC
  • 2009-10: Jarna SK, HC Liljan, Kista HC, Brinkens IF, Skarblacka IF, HC Dynamo 414, IK Huge 2, Norsborgs IF 2
  • 2010-11: Flyers HC, Varmdo HC 2, AC Camelen, Brinkens IF, Nynashamns IF 2, Hallsta IK, Sundbybergs IK, Gripen HC
  • 2011-12: Duells HC, Orby IS, Hasselby Kalvesta, Tullinge TP, Vasterhaninge IF, Gimo IF, Linkoping Mighty Ravens
  • 2012-13: LN-70 HC, AC Camelen, Grantorps AIK, Viggbyholms IK, Flemingsbergs IK, KTH IF, SPAIF, Ostervala IF, Vasterviks IK 2
  • 2013-14: Herrings HC, Boras Knights, Ormsta HC, Eksjo HC, FoC Farsta 2, AC Camelen, SPAIF, IFK Mariehamn, Segeltorps IF, Sundbybergs IK, Linkoping Mighty Ravens
  • 2014-15: Slottskogen HC, Duells HC, Black Wings HC, Kallhalls IF, Boo HC, Gripen HC, Ar Athletics HC, Toreboda HF J20, Finspangs AIK
  • 2015-16: Duells HC, Aby HC, Black Wings HC (others unavailable)

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