2015–16 Riksserien season
Sport Ice hockey
Founded 1987 (Division 1)
2007 (Riksserien)
No. of teams 8
Country(ies) Sweden
Most recent champion(s) Lulea HF/MSSK
Official website
Related competitions Swedish Women's Regional Leagues

The Svenska damhockeyligan (formerly known as the Rikssserien from 2008-2016) is the elite league of women's ice hockey in Sweden. It was started in 2008, contains 8 teams and is organized by the Swedish Ice Hockey Association.

The Women's Division 1 was previously the top-level competition in the country. It served this function from 1987 through the 2006-07 season. The regional winners participated in the competition, which was essentially a national final.

After the Riksserien's foundation, regional winners received the opportunity to qualify for the national final through the 2008-09 season. After which, they were only eligible for promotion to the Riksserien the following year.

The league was renamed the Svenska damhockeyligan prior to the start of the 2016-17 season.


When a game is tied after regulation, a sudden death overtime is played with only four skaters per team for maximum 10 minutes (or 20 minutes in the playoffs). If the game is still tied after overtime, the winner is decided by a shootout.

The regular season is a double round-robin tournament, with each team playing twice at home and twice away against every other team, resulting in a 28 game regular season per team. After the regular season, the top six teams qualify for the Women's Swedish Championship playoffs (Swedish: SM-slutspel Damer). The two teams with the best regular season records in Riksserien are given a bye to the semifinals, with the remaining four qualified teams starting in the quarterfinals. In the quarterfinals, team 3 gets to pick their choice of opponent between teams 5 and 6, leaving the remaining club to meet team 4. In the semifinals the first ranked team chooses an opponent from the two winners of the quarterfinals. The playoffs are all best-of-three series, with the higher ranked team starting with one match away, followed by the remaining two at home.

The two teams with the worst records in the regular season are forced to play a qualifier to defend their spots in Riksserien against challengers from the AllEttan.


Season Champion Finalist Score 3rd place
Division 1
1987-1988 Nacka HK FoC Farsta 11-0 MODO Hockey
1988-1989 Nacka HK MODO Hockey 3-2 Alvesta SK
1989-1990 Nacka HK Alvesta SK 7-0 FoC Farsta
1990-1991 Nacka HK Alvesta SK 9-0 FoC Farsta
1991-1992 Nacka HK FoC Farsta 3-1 Brynäs IF
1992-1993 Nacka HK FoC Farsta 4-3 Vallentuna BK
1993-1994 Nacka HK FoC Farsta 3-0 Brynäs IF
1994-1995 Foc Farsta Nacka HK 5-1 Västerhaninge IF
1995-9996 Nacka HK FoC Farsta 6-5 Västerhaninge IF
1996-1997 Foc Farsta Västerhaninge IF 4-3 (OT) Nacka HK
1997-1998 Nacka HK FoC Farsta 3-0 Veddige HK
1998-1999 M/B Hockey AIK IF 8-1 MODO Hockey
1999-2000 M/B Hockey AIK IF 4-3 (SO) Veddige HK
2000-2001 M/B Hockey AIK IF 6-3 MODO Hockey
2001-2002 M/B Hockey MODO Hockey 9-1 AIK IF
2002-2003 M/B Hockey AIK IF 7-3 MODO Hockey
2003-2004 AIK IF Limhamn Limeburners HC 5-2 M/B Hockey
2004-2005 M/B Hockey AIK IF 4-3 MODO Hockey
2005-2006 M/B Hockey MODO Hockey 2-1 Örebro HK
2006-2007 AIK IF Segeltorps IF 2-1 (OT) MODO Hockey
2007-2008 Segeltorps IF AIK IF 5-2 MODO Hockey
2008-2009 AIK IF Segeltorps IF 5-0 MODO Hockey
2009-2010 Segeltorps IF Brynäs IF 6-0 MODO Hockey
2010-2011 Segeltorps IF Brynäs IF 2-1 (OT) Linköpings HC
2011-2012 MODO Hockey Brynäs IF 1-0 Not awarded
2012-2013 AIK IF Brynäs IF 2-1 Not awarded
2013-2014 Linköpings HC MODO Hockey 3-2 (OT) Not awarded
2014-2015 Linköpings HC AIK 2:0
Not awarded
2015-2016 Luleå HF/MSSK Linköpings HC 0:2
Not awarded

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Svenska damhockeyligan seasons
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