Supreme Hockey League-B
Supreme Hockey League.svg
Sport Ice hockey
Founded 1992 (2015 as SHL)
No. of teams 9 (2015–2016 Season)
Country(ies) Flag of Russia.svg.png Russia
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Old Russian Hockey League logo.

The Supreme Hockey League-B (Russian: Высшая хоккейная лига (ВХЛ), Vysshaya hokkeinaya liga-B (VHL-B)), until 2010 known as the First League (Russian: Первая лига, translit.Pervaya liga, also known as RUS-3), during the 2010–11 season known as the Championship of Russia between the club teams of regions (Russian: Первенство России среди клубных команд регионов, Pervenstvo Rossii sredi klubnykh komand regionov), and from 2011-2015 as the Russian Hockey League (Russian: Российская хоккейная лига, Rossiyskaya khokkeynaya liga), is an ice hockey league in Russia. It is a feeder league to the Kontinental Hockey League and the Supreme Hockey League. Majority of teams are simply junior versions of their professional counterparts. During the era of the Soviet Championship League, it was referred to as "Class B"

The league in 2010–11 featured clubs from the 2009–10 of Pervaya Liga and also clubs that played in Vysshaya Liga but were not accepted into the VHL for 2010–11.

On 23 August, 2011 the FHR announced the creation of the Russian Hockey League to replace the Pervaya Liga.[1] Prior to the 2015-16 season, the Ice Hockey Federation of Russia (FHR) transferred the organization of the moribund RHL (which had seen its membership plummet from 24 teams in 2012 to nine in 2015) to the Supreme Hockey League, with the hope of developing a better third-tier competition with eventual promotion-relegation with the second-level league.

It is to be noted that Russian Hockey League was also the name of the organization responsible for organizing the top tier league of Russia between 1996 and 1999.

Naming historyEdit

  • 1992-93: Klass B
  • 1993-94: Open Russian Championship
  • 1995-96: 1st League
  • 1996-2010: Pervaya Liga
  • 2010-11: Russian Championship of Regions
  • 2011-15: Russian Hockey League
  • 2015-present: Supreme Hockey League-B

Teams for 2015–2016 SeasonEdit

Team City
Altai Barnaul Flag of Russia.svg Barnaul
CSK VVS Samara Flag of Russia.svg Samara
HC Mordovia Saransk Flag of Russia.svg Saransk
HC Rostov Flag of Russia.svg Rostov
HC Tambov Flag of Russia.svg Tambov
Slavutich Smolensk Flag of Russia.svg Smolensk
Sokol Novocheboksarsk Flag of Russia.svg Novocheboksarsk
Kristall-Junior Saratov Flag of Russia.svg Saratov
Junior-Sputnik Nizhny Tagil Flag of Russia.svg Nizhny Tagil


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