Silkeborg SF

Silkeborg SF was an ice hockey team in Silkeborg, Denmark. They won the Jütland Regional Tournament in 1954-55 and thus qualified for the Danish Championship, where they finished in third place after losing both of their games. They again claimed the Jutland tournament in 1955-56, but declined to participate in the national championship due to logistics.

In 1959-60, Silkeborg was beaten soundly in Jutland tournament by Rungsted IK, 17-1. After going winless (0-6) in the newly-created 1. division in 1960-61, Silkeborg was forced to participate in the relegation round, and wound up being demoted to the 2. division. They never again reappeared in the top-tier of Danish hockey.

Silkeborg SF saw a decline during the 1960s, as while many contemporary Danish clubs moved into newly-constructed indoor rinks, Silkeborg continued playing on a natural ice rink. They eventually dissolved during the 1970s.

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