Scottish National League
Sport Ice hockey
Founded 2000
No. of teams 10
Continent Europe
Most recent champion(s) Aberdeen Lynx
Official website

The Scottish National League is the ice hockey league in Scotland.

Seen as the third-tier of ice hockey, below the Elite Ice Hockey League and the English Premier Ice Hockey League. However, its standard of play has been considered closer to the English National Ice Hockey Division One, consisting primarily of amateur players and "B" teams of clubs playing in higher leagues. Following the demise of the British National League at the end of the 2004-05 season, the Fife Flyers and Dundee Stars transferred to the League, raising its profile and quality. Both these teams have since left the SNL and now compete in the Elite Ice Hockey League


Scottish National League seasons
2000–01 - 2001–02 - 2002–03 - 2003–04 - 2004–05 - 2005–06 - 2006–07 - 2007–08 - 2008–09 - 2009–10 - 2010–11 - 2011–12 - 2012–13 - 2013–14 - 2014–15 - 2015–16

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