Racing Club de France
Racing Club
City: Paris, France
Colors: Light blue, white
Franchise history
1930s-1960s: Racing Club de France

Racing Club de France was an ice hockey team in Paris, France. They were a member of the Racing Club de France sports association.


The club first participated in the 1re série during the 1931-32 season. They lost to Stade Français in the final, 3-2 in overtime.[1] The following season, Racing Club was again defeated by Stade Français in the final, this time by a score of 1-0.[2] The club again played in the final in the 1943-44 season, but were shutout by Chamonix Hockey Club, 5-0.[3] In the 1949-50 season, Racing Club won their first French championship,[4] a feat they would accomplish again the following season.[5] Their last appearance in the 1re série was in the 1962-63 season.[6]


  • French champion (2): 1950, 1951.



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