Motor Barnaul
Motor Barnaul
City: Barnaul, Russia
Founded: 1959
Colors: Purple, blue, white
Franchise history
1959-2006: Motor Barnaul

Motor Barnaul (Russian: Мотор Барнаул) was an ice hockey team in Barnaul, Russia.


The club was founded in 1959 as the successor club to Spartak Barnaul, which had been founded in 1954. In Soviet times, Barnaul participated in various lower-level leagues.

In the 1998-99 season the club participated in the second-level league organized by the Russian Ice Hockey Federation. From 1999-2006, Barnaul participated in the second-level Russian league, the Vysshaya Liga.

The club was dissolved due to financial problems in 2006. It was replaced by Altai Barnaul, which currently competes in the third-level Russian league, the Russian Hockey League.

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