Kyrgyzstan Championship
Sport Ice hockey
Founded 2010
No. of teams 4
Country(ies) Flag of Kyrgyzstan.svg Kyrgyzstan
Most recent champion(s) Arstan Shumkur Bishkek
Official website

The Kyrgyzstan Championship is the national competition in Kyrgyzstan.


In 2006, there was a competition in existence in the village of Naryn, known as the Naryn Hockey League. One of the league's founders, Nurlan Matyyev, was quoted as saying "This is our own NHL -- the Naryn Hockey League. The only difference to the NHL in Canada is that we use a natural lake instead of a rink and that we haven't got as much money." In nearby Chaek, a playoff tournament sponsored by local businesses and officials, was also held, with teams from across the country participating. The playing surface and equipment used by the players was very rudimentary.[1]

In 2008, a tournament was held in Cholpon-Ata to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the foundation of the International Ice Hockey Federation. It was won by Dordoi Ala-Too Naryn.[2]

Multiple competitions were held in 2009. A tournament in memory of Erkinbeka Matyeva was held on January 24-25 in Chaek, and was won by Dordoi Ala-Too Naryn. They finished ahead of Tent-Ake and Tynaly. Other participants were Bishkek, Karakol, Erkin-Farm (Naryn), Dair (Cholpon-Aty), Kyzyl Zhldyz (Naryn area). It was also noted that Dordoi won the tournament for the fifth straight year. It is possible this was the same competition as the "playoff tournament" mentioned above.

From February 7-8, the Cup of the Mayor of Naryn was staged. Five teams participated (four from the Dzhumgalsky area and one from Cholpon-Ata) Also, on February 25, the Capital of Kyrgyzstan Championship was won by a Bishkek selection, 7-3 over a Dzhumgalsky team.[3]

The Erkinbeka Matyeva tournament was won by Erkin Farm in 2010 with Dordoi Ala-Too Naryn as runners-up.[4] It appears that the first official national championship was held in 2009-10, with Khan-Tengri winning.[5]



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