The International Cup was a tournament held during the 1930s and 1940s. All champions were from Great Britain, but clubs from other European countries also took part in the tournament.

It was later known as the English National Tournament from 1936 to 1950, with the exception of 1949, when it was contested as the English International Tournament.


  • 1935: Streatham
  • 1936: Wembley Lions
  • 1937: Earl's Court Rangers
  • 1938: Wembley Lions
  • 1939: Wembley Lions
  • 1940: Harringay Greyhounds
  • 1941-46: no tournament
  • 1947: Brighton Tigers
  • 1948: Streatham
  • 1949: Wembley Monarchs
  • 1950: Streatham

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