The German Association Championship (Meisterschaft des Deutschen-Hockeyverbandes) was a competition for ethnic German teams in Czechoslovakia. It was organized by the Deutscher Eishockey Verband (DEHV).

The championship used a rather complicated format, as ethnic German teams from around Czechoslovakia were eligible to participate. There were usually multiple regional qualifying tournaments contested.

The 1931 German Association champion, Troppauer EV Opava, played LTC Praha for the Czechoslovak Championship, losing 2-0.

Troppauer EV qualified for the 1936-37 Czechoslovak Extraliga season by winning the DEHV championship. DFK Komotau earned a spot in the Extraliga for 1937-38 the same way.


  • 1929-30: Troppauer EV Opava
  • 1930-31: Troppauer EV Opava
  • 1931-32: Final between Troppauer EV and Gablonzer EV was cancelled due to thaw
  • 1932-33: Troppauer EV Opava (final not played until January 1934)
  • 1933-34: Troppauer EV Opava
  • 1934-35: Troppauer EV Opava (Final between Troppauer EV and Olmützer EV was played only as a friendly due to bad ice - Championship was later planned to be played on January 4, 1936, but this fell through and TEV was declared champions)
  • 1935-36: Troppauer EV Opava (championship not played until January 1937)
  • 1936-37: DFK Komotau
  • 1937-38: Six teams were set to participate, divided into two groups. Group 1: Gablonzer EV, Reichenberger EV, Sportbruder Prag. Group 2: WSV Marienbad, EV Eger, DEHG Prag.

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