Floridsdorfer AC

Floridsdorfer Athleiksport Club (FAC) was a sports club located in the 21st district of Vienna, Austria, bearing the same name.

The club's hockey section made its debut in the 2. Klasse Austrian Hockey Championship in 1924-25. The competition was quickly abandoned, and for 1925-26, FAC played in the knockout tournament.

In 1926-27, the club played Group II of the 2. Klasse, finishing first. They also played in the 2. Klasse in 1927-28 and 1928-29.

On December 18, 1929, the hockey section of FAC was succeeded by Sportclub Siemens.

Season-by-season recordsEdit

Austrian Championship (1924-1932)Edit

Season Games Won Tied Lost Points Goals
1924-25- - -- - ---Championship abandoned
1925-26- - --- ---Eliminated in 2nd int. rd.
1926-273 2 01 4 14 31st 2. Klasse, Group 2None
1927-284 2 024 772nd 2. Klasse, Group ANone
1928-293 1022613 3rd 2. Klasse, Group ANone

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