The 2005-06 Euro Hockey Tour was the tenth season of the Euro Hockey Tour. The season consisted of four tournaments, the Česká Pojišťovna Cup, Karjala Tournament, Rosno Cup, and the LG Hockey Games. The top two teams met in the final, and the third and fourth place teams met for the third place game.


Česká Pojišťovna CupEdit

Sweden won the Česká Pojišťovna Cup.

Karjala TournamentEdit

Finland won the Karjala Tournament.

Rosno CupEdit

Russia won the Rosno Cup.

LG Hockey GamesEdit

Russia won the Sweden Hockey Games.

Final standingsEdit

Flag of Russia.svg.png Russia 12 8 2 0 40 28 26 0 2
Flag of Sweden.svg.png Sweden 12 6 4 0 32 24 22 2 0
Flag of Finland.svg.png Finland 12 4 5 0 22 26 17 2 1
Flag of the Czech Republic.svg.png Czech Republic 12 1 8 0 27 43 7 1 2

Final tournamentEdit

The EHT finals 2005–06 were played in Globe Arena, Stockholm, Sweden, on May 1, 2006. Russia beat Sweden in the final with 2-1 and won the EHT. Finland won over Czech Republic with 3-2 and clinched the 3rd place.

May 1, 2006 Flag of Russia.svg.png Russia 2–1
Flag of Sweden.svg.png Sweden Globen, Stockholm, Sweden
May 1, 2006 Flag of Finland.svg.png Finland 3–2
Flag of the Czech Republic.svg.png Czech Republic Globen, Stockholm, Sweden


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