Deggendorf Fire
Deggendorf Fire
City: Deggendorf, Germany
League: Oberliga
Founded: 1996
Home Arena: Eissporthalle Deggendorf
Colors: Red, Blue

Deggendorfer SC is an ice hockey team in Deggendorf, Germany. They play in the Oberliga, the third level of ice hockey in Germany. The club is currently known as the Deggendorf Fire.


  • Oberliga South champion: 1979
  • Regionalliga champion: 1990
  • German Junior champion: 2002


Season-by-season recordsEdit

Deggendorfer SC
Season League Place
1976-77 Regionalliga
1977-78 Oberliga 2nd place
1978-79 Oberliga 1st place ↑
1979-80 2. Bundesliga 5th place
1980-81 2. Bundesliga 3rd place
1981-82 2. Bundesliga 5th place
Deggendorfer EC
Season League Place
1984-85 Regionalliga 1st place ↑
1985-86 Oberliga 11th place
1986-87 Oberliga 9th place
1987-88 Oberliga 5th place
1988-89 Oberliga 14th place ↓
1989-90 Regionalliga 1st place ↑
1990-91 Oberliga 12th place
1991-92 Oberliga 8th place
1992-93 Oberliga 13th place
1993-94 Oberliga 2nd place
1994-95 Hacker-Pschorr-Liga 9th place
1995-96 Hacker-Pschorr-Liga 11th place
1996-97 Hacker-Pschorr-Liga 7th place
1997-98 Hacker-Pschorr-Liga 10th place
1998-99 1. Liga Süd 2nd place
1999-2000 Oberliga 9th place
2000-01 Oberliga 6th place
2001-02 Oberliga 4th place
Deggendorfer SC
Season League Place
2002-03 Landesliga Bayern 4th place
2003-04 Landesliga Bayern 3rd place
2004-05 Landesliga Bayern 2nd place ↑
2005-06 Bavarian League 7th place
2006-07 Bavarian League 2nd place ↑
2007-08 Oberliga 8th place
2008-09 Oberliga 8th place
2009-10 Oberliga 11th place
2010-11 Oberliga 7th place
2011-12 Oberliga 5th place
2012-13 Oberliga 9th place

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