The Critérium des équipes secondes was a second-level competition in France known to have been staged in 1927 and 1930. It served as a precursor to the 2e série.


The 1927 edition was held in Superbagneres on January 10 between Chamonix Hockey Club II and CSH Paris II. Due to poor weather conditions and bad ice, Chamonix was set to leave for Luchon. However, after an improvement in weather conditions, the match was ruled a go, and scheduled for 5:30 PM; so flashlights and a reddish gas torch located behind a goal were required for visibility. Chamonix scored the lone (and winning goal) with 15 seconds remaining in the game (which was comprised of two periods).

The 1930 tournament was held over two days (January 25-26) in Chamonix, with a field comprised of four teams. Chamonix Hockey Club II defeated CSH Paris II in the final to win the tournament.






3rd place game
  • Saint-Gervais 3 - Modane 0
  • Chamonix Hockey Club II - Club des Sports d'Hiver de Paris II

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