The Coupe du Comte de Lannoy was an international tournament held in Brussels, Belgium from March 18-19, 1910. Clubs from Belgium, France, Germany, and Great Britain participated in the tournament. Club des Patineurs de Paris won the tournament by defeating Brussels Ice Hockey Club in the final.




  • Flag of Belgium.svg Brussels Ice Hockey Club - Flag of France.svg Club des Patineurs de Paris 1:8 (0:3, 1:5)

Team rostersEdit

Place Team Player
1 Flag of France.svg Club des Patineurs de Paris Forwards: Alfred de Rauch, A.J. MacDonald, Robert Masson Rover: Pierre Defensemen: Alexandre Clarke, Raymond Mezieres Goaltender: Maurice del Valle
2 Flag of Belgium.svg Brussels Ice Hockey Club Forwards: Etienne Coupez, Clement Van der Straten-Ponthoz, Fernand De Blommaert Rover: Freddy Charlier Defensemen: Louis De Smeth, Henri Van den Bulcke Goaltender: Roger Van der Straten-Ponthoz
3 Flag of the German Empire.svg Berliner Schlittschuhclub Forwards: Wilhelm Glimm, Hans Jakemann, Lagk Rovers: Franz Lange, Andrew Pitcairn-Knowles Defenseman: Glenk Goaltender: Rhom

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