The Bulgarian Championship was contested in different forms and names between 1927 and 1951.


The first championship, contested as the Bulgarian Cup (Cup "Hockey") was played in 1927 at the Ivan Hadjiberov Park in Gabrovo. The tournament was hold a total of eight times, up to 1934. It was organized by the Union of Sports League (SSL).

The Cup of BSIHF (Bulgarian Skating and Ice Hockey Federation; also called the Cup BFKHL) was organized by the national federation between 1935 and 1944. The 1944 tournament was not completed due to World War II.

No championships were held until 1949, when the BSIHF organized the Championship on the Occasion of V Congress of BCP (Bulgarian Communist Party). The Metropolitan Championship was organized by the RSIHS (Republican Skating and Ice Hockey Section) in 1950 and 1951. The Bulgarian Championship was first contested in 1952, but the Metropolitan Championship continued to be played alongside the national championship, until 1954.


Metropolitan ChampionshipEdit

  • 1951 Cerveno Zname Sofia
  • 1950 Akademika Sofia

Championship on the Occasion of the V Congress of BCPEdit

Cup of BSIHFEdit

  • 1944 Not completed due to World War II
  • 1943 Napredak Ruse
  • 1942 Benkovski Sofia
  • 1941 Rakovski Sofia
  • 1940 Hockey Club Sofia
  • 1939 Balkan Gabrovo
  • 1938 Atletik Sofia
  • 1937 Savata Sofia
  • 1936 Botev Sofia
  • 1935 Hockey Club Sofia

Bulgarian CupEdit

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