The British Universities Ice Hockey Association was founded in spring term 2003 by a group of hockey players from the universities of Oxford, London, Nottingham and Newcastle.

History of the BUIHA Edit

Although still a young organization, the British Universities Ice Hockey Association, or BUIHA, was formed in response to the growing number of universities with ice hockey programmes in an effort to provide students with competitive ice hockey whilst at university, no matter what their level of play.

The notion to form the BUIHA first arose in Easter 2003. The idea was to simply form a divisional competition for the existing university teams. Development over the summer of 2003[1] led to a committee being put in place, a schedule being set and a number of teams signed up to take part in the first ever BUIHA University Cup. The National Championships was already an existing competition. Indeed, the 2003/04 formative season finished in style at the National Championships weekend where the then 13 member teams battled it out for The Rawlinson Plate & The Hopkins Plate.

The following season, to further the BUIHA objective of progression at all levels of the sport, the BUIHA introduced Division 3. Also joining the BUIHA in its second season were a number of new university teams, a number that would be again bolstered in its 3rd season bringing the total teams for 2005-6 to 29.

The 2008/09 Season saw the Bristol Lions enter for the 1st time. The sole new entrant in the 2009/10 season were the newly formed Kent Knights, who arrived on the scene with an old friend lining up in a Knights roster. It was the time that Old Skool had ended his association with Imperial College Devils and was playing for his University for the very first time. The 2010/11 season saw the Oxford Women's Blues join their Cambridge counterparts in Division 3 South, and in 2012 we saw a team from St Andrews enter the National Championships in Tier II.

In the 2012/13 there was a change in cup competition structure, with Division 3 becoming Non-checking Division 1, and the addition of a third checking division. New teams joined the competition from UCL and University of East Anglia, and a reformed Northumbria team joined as the Kings. Unfortunately, the season started without the return of teams from Bristol and Huddersfield.

The National Championships Edit

It all began over a couple of pints one rainy afternoon in Oxford, the precise details of which are lost in the mists of time. The then secretary of the Oxford Vikings, Alexis Rawlinson, came up with the idea of organising a tournament for all the university ice hockey teams in the UK. At the time this was not such a daunting organizational prospect, given that there were only seven teams.

A few weeks later five teams (blues squads were not invited as they were above the standard of all other teams) gathered for a late night ice hockey session at Oxford Ice Rink starting at 11pm and running all the way through to the morning. The result of this was a narrow Newcastle victory by one point over the Oxford Vikings. Newcastle arranged the next two events at the National Ice Centre (NIC) in Nottingham, which saw victories for Newcastle in 2002 and London in 2003.

For 2004, to recognize the contribution of Alexis to British University Ice Hockey, the top National Championship trophy was renamed the Rawlinson Plate.

2004 also saw the introduction of a 2nd Tier of competition due to the introduction of many new teams. The BUIHA is now host of a range of new teams from England, Scotland and Wales as well as the original 7 that entred the first National Championships in 2001. From 2005 onwards tier II was renamed The Hopkins Plate.

The Cup Competition Edit

Created in Autumn 2003 by the founding BUIHA committee the cup competition was envisioned as a league type competition available to university clubs in the UK.

Operating within the EIHA recreational section the clubs involved played a round robin format with the winner being declared at the end of the season as the team with the most points (using goal difference as a tie breaker).

Founding clubs of the initial 2 divisions (in alphabetical order) were:

Division 1

  • Cambridge University Blues
  • University of London Union Purples
  • Nottingham Universities Mavericks A

Division 2

  • Birmingham Eagles
  • Cambridge University Eskimos
  • Imperial College Devils
  • Newcastle University Wildcats
  • Nottingham Universities Mavericks B
  • Oxford University Vikings
  • University of Warwick Panthers

From the 2008/2009 season the BUIHA operated directly under the EIHA board after being awarded a section of their own and separating from the Rec section. This has led to several improvements to the way the organisation can operate.

Team Great Britain Edit

Launched at the end of the 2004-5 season, Team Great Britain is the national university side that will compete against other national university sides, including competing at the bi-annual FISU World University Games. Mike Urquhart & Matt Bradbury have agreed to coach the team. Any person attending university anywhere in the world who is a UK & Northern Ireland citizen between the ages of 17 and 28 is able to play for the team. This disregards the level to which they have played the sport.


Checking Division 1Edit

Year Cup Competition National Championship
2001 n/a Newcastle Wildcats
2002 n/a Newcastle Wildcats
2003 n/a London Dragons
2004 Cambridge Blues Nottingham Mavericks
2005 Nottingham Mavericks London Dragons
2006 Nottingham Mavericks Nottingham Mavericks
2007 Nottingham Mavericks Sheffield Bears
2008 North South Playoffs
Nottingham Mavericks London Dragons London Dragons London Dragons
2009 Nottingham Mavericks Oxford Blues Oxford Blues Nottingham Mavericks
2010 Newcastle Wildcats London Dragons Oxford Blues Sheffield Bears
2011 Edinburgh Eagles London Dragons London Dragons Southampton Spitfires
2012 Manchester Metrostars Oxford Blues Manchester Metrostars London Dragons
2013 Edinburgh Eagles London Dragons London Dragons Sheffield Bears
2014 Edinburgh Eagles Oxford Blues Oxford Blues Southampton Spitfires
2015 Nottingham Mavericks London Dragons London Dragons Southampton Spitfires

Checking Division 2Edit

Year Cup Competition National Championship
North South Playoffs
2004 Newcastle Wildcats Nottingham Mavericks B n/a Sheffield Bears
2005 Edinburgh Eagles Cambridge Eskimos n/a Nottingham Mavericks B
2006 Nottingham Mavericks B Southampton Spitfires n/a Cardiff Redhawks
2007 Northumbria Flames Birmingham Eagles B Birmingham Eagles B Oxford Vikings
2008 Sheffield Bears B Nottingham Mavericks B Nottingham Mavericks B Northumbria Flames
2009 North Central South Playoffs
Northumbria Flames Manchester Metros Cardiff Redhawks Northumbria Flames Manchester Metros
2010 Hull Ice Hogs Manchester Metros Oxford Vikings Manchester Metros Manchester Metros
2011 North South Playoffs
Sheffield Bears B Bristol Lions Bristol Lions Bradford Sabres
2012 Hull Ice Hogs Cardiff Redhawks Hull Ice Hogs Huddersfield Ice Hawks
2013 Sheffield Bears B Birmingham Eagles Birmingham Eagles St Andrews Typhoons
2014 Northumbria Kings Oxford Vikings Oxford Vikings Oxford Vikings
2015 St Andrews Typhoons UCLU Yetis St Andrews Typhoons UCLU Yetis

Checking Division 3Edit

Year Cup Competition National Championship
2013 South
UCLU Yetis n/a

Non-checking Division 1 (formerly Division 3)Edit

Year Cup Competition National Championship
2006 n/a Nottingham Mavericks C
2007 Sheffield Bears C Cardiff Redhawks B
2008 North South Playoffs
Northumbria Flames B Nottingham Mavericks C n/a Nottingham Mavericks C
2009 Sheffield Bears C Cardiff Redhawks B Cardiff Redhawks B Cardiff Redhawks B
2010 Sheffield Bears C Warwick Panthers B n/a Nottingham Mavericks C
2011 Nottingham Mavericks C Warwick Panthers B Nottingham Mavericks C Warwick Panthers B
2012 North Central South Playoffs
Edinburgh Beagles Nottingham Mavericks C Southampton Spitfires B Edinburgh Beagles Southampton Spitfires B
2013 North South Playoffs
Northumbria Kings Southampton Spitfires B Southampton Spitfires B Northumbria Kings
2014 Newcastle Wildcats Birmingham Lions B Newcastle Wildcats Northumbria Kings B
2015 Northumbria Kings B Coventry and Warwick Panthers B Northumbria Kings B Northumbria Kings B

Non-checking Division 2Edit

Year Cup Competition National Championship
2013 North South Playoffs
n/a Birmingham Eagles C n/a n/a
2014 Northumbria Kings B n/a n/a Bradford Sabres B
2015 Bradford Sabres B Coventry and Warwick Panthers C Coventry and Warwick Panthers C Nottingham Mavericks B

Non-checking Division 3Edit

Year National Championships
2015 Imperial Devils C

Member teams Edit

ClubFoundationEntry to BUIHATwitter feedHome Rink
Anglia Ruskin Rangers 2011 2012 N/A Planet Ice Norwich
Birmingham Eagles 2001 2003 @BrumEagles Solihull Ice Rink
Bradford Sabres 2005 2005 @BradfordSabres Bradford Ice Arena
Bristol Lions 2008 2008 N/A Bristol Ice Rink
Cambridge University Ice Hockey Club 1885 2004 @CUIHC Planet Ice Milton Keynes, Peterborough Ice Rink
Cardiff Redhawks 2004 2005 @CardiffRedHawks Cardiff Arena
Edinburgh Eagles 2003 2004 @EUIHC Dundee Ice Arena, Dumfries Ice Bowl, Murrayfield Ice Rink, Stirling Ice Rink
Huddersfield Ice Hawks 2007 2007 @HuddIceHawks Bradford Ice Arena
Hull Ice Hogs 2007 2007 @HUIHC Hull Arena
Imperial College Devils 2004 2004 @Imperialdevils Planet Ice Brixton
Kent Knights 2009 2009 @Kent_Knights Gillingham Ice Rink
Manchester Metros 2001 2004 @MancMetros Deeside Leisure Centre, Altrincham Ice Dome
Newcastle Wildcats 1994 2003 @NCL_Wildcats Whitley Bay Ice Rink
Nottingham Mavericks 2001 2003 @NottsMavericks National Ice Centre
Northumbria Flames 2001 2003 @NthumbriaFlames Whitley Bay Ice Rink
Oxford University Ice Hockey Club 1885 2003 @OUIHCWomenBlues Oxford Ice Rink
Southampton Spitfires 2002 2004 @SpitfiresIIHC Planet Ice Silverdome Arena, Gosport Ice Rink
Sheffield Bears 2004 2004 @SheffieldBears IceSheffield
Surrey Sharks 2009 TBC N/A Guildford Ice Rink
Universities Of London Dragons 2002 2003 @LondonDragons Lee Valley Ice Centre, Streatham Ice Rink
University of Central Lancashire Huskies 2011 TBC @UCLanHuskies Blackburn Ice Rink
University College London Union Yetis 2011 2012 N/A TBC
University of East Anglia Avalanche 2011 2012 @UEA_Avalanche Lee Valley Ice Centre
Warwick Panthers 2002 2004 @WarwickPanthers SkyDome Arena

BUIHA Committees 2002-2011Edit

Executive CommitteeEdit

Chairman Vice Chairman Secretary Tresurer Fixtures Secretary Player Rep CTO Events Co-Ordinator
2002-04 R Ellis (ULU) G Brewer (Ncl) C May (Ox) - A Miller (Ncl) - - -
2004/05 S Hopkins (Nott) S Clifford (Nott) E Baker (Edi) R Ellis (ULU) A Miller (Ncl) - - -
2005/06 S Clifford (Nott) A Batchelder (EIHA) C Davila (Lon) R Whyatt (Nott) T Brooks (Shef) - - -
2006/07 S Clifford (Nott) A Batchelder (EIHA) A Miller (Ncl) R Whyatt (Nott) - - - -
2007/08 A Miller (Ncl) S Hopkins (Nott) - R Whyatt (Nott) R Grant (Unat) D Needham (ULU) - -
2008/09 A Miller (Ncl) S Hopkins (Nott) R Grant (Unat) R Whyatt (Nott) - K McCormack (Nor) - -
2009/10 A Miller (Nor) S Hopkins (Nott) R Grant (Unat) A Beevers(Hudd) - A Perona-Wright (Man) J Staton (Car) S Farey (Nott)
2010/11 A Miller (Nor) S Hopkins (Nott) R Grant (Unat) A Beevers(Hudd) - M Hinsley (Ncl) J Staton (Car) S Farey (Nott)
2011/12 A Miller (Nor) S Hopkins (Nott) R Grant (Unat) A Beevers(Hudd) S Buckler (Lee) J Craighead (Ncl) J Staton (Car) -
2012/13 A Miller (Unat) S Hopkins (Nott) R Grant (Unat) - - Neil Dolan (Ed) J Staton (Car) -

Non-Executive CommitteeEdit

NGB Secretary Events Coordinator Marketing and PR Officials Liaison Coaching Liaison Webmaster
2002-04 S Hopkins (Nott) - - A Batchelder (EIHA) - E Eckered (Ox)
2004/05 S Hopkins (Nott) - M Sharpe (ULU) S Clifford (Nott) - M Sharpe (ULU)
2005/06 S Hopkins (Nott) - P Andrews (Shef) S Clifford (Nott) - M Sharpe (ULU)
2006/07 S Hopkins (Nott) S Farey (Nott) - S Clifford (Nott) - A Lawson (Nor)
2007/08 - S Farey (Nott) A Miller & R Grant A Batchelder (EIHA) - A Lawson (Nor)
2008/09 - S Farey (Nott) A Miller & R Grant A Batchelder (EIHA) L Moralee (EIHA) A Lawson (Nor)
2009/10 - - A Miller & R Grant A Batchelder (EIHA) L Moralee (EIHA) D Rogers (Car)
2010/11 - - A Maxwell (Unat) A Batchelder (EIHA) L Moralee(EIHA) D Rogers (Car)
2011/12 - - - A Batchelder (EIHA) L Moralee(EIHA) D Rogers (Car)
2012/13 - - J Craighead (NCL) A Batchelder (EIHA) L Moralee(EIHA) D Rogers (Car)

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