British Hockey League
Sport Ice hockey
Founded 1982
No. of teams 12 (Premier Division)
Country(ies) Flag of the United Kingdom.svg.png Great Britain
Ceased 1996
Last champion(s) Sheffield Steelers
TV partner(s) BBC

The British Hockey League was the top-flight ice hockey league in the United Kingdom from 1982 until 1996, when it was replaced by the Ice Hockey Superleague and the British National League. The league replaced three regional leagues: the Inter-City League in southern England, the English League North in northern England and the Northern League in Scotland.

The league was sponsored by Heineken until 1993 and during this period was best known as the Heineken League.

During the league's inaugural 1982-83 season, two lower-level leagues were set up, with Division 2 functioning as the second-level league and Division 3 serving as the third-tier loop. For 1983-84, the second-level competition became known as Division One, while Divisions 2 and 3 were staged as the third and fourth-tier competitions.

Division 2 operated as the third-tier league through the 1987-88 season. After which, the English League became the new third-level competition.

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English LeagueEdit

Please see the separate article on the English League for details.

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