The Bohemian Championship (in Czech, Mistrovství Cech) served as the national championship in Bohemia when it was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

It was first contested in 1908 and was arranged by the clubs BK Mladá Boleslav and SK Mladá Boleslav. The final between SK Slavia Praha and AC Sparta Praha was not contested as the teams could not agree on the official. Slavia was awarded the championship. For the spectators, who did not get to see a final match, a friendly was played instead, which Slavia lost.

From 1909-1915 the competition was centered around the Bohemian capital of Prague itself.



  • Prager Tagblatt
  • Allgemeine Sport-Zeitung, Wien

Bandy and Ice Hockey in Austria (1894-1923)
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Competitions: 1908 Austro-Hungarian Bandy ChampionshipRinghoffer Pokal (1911-1922) • Austrian State Ice Hockey Championship (1912-1914) • Vienna Ice Hockey Championship (1913-1919) • Magazine of Sports and Games Cup (1903-1909) • Bohemian Crown Lands Championship (1901-1909) • Bohemian Ice Hockey Championship (1907-1915) • DEHG Tournament (1913) • Prague Championship (1915) • Turnaj o Pohár Spolecenského Klubu (1917) • Slavia War Championship (1917) • DEHG Tournament (1918) • Lviv Championship (1910) • 1912 Kraków matchAustrian Bandy Cup (1921-1922) • Austrian Bandy Championship (1922-1923)
Governing bodies: Austrian Ice Hockey Federation (founded in 1912) • Bohemian Ice Hockey Federation (founded in 1908)
National teams: Austrian National TeamBohemian National Team

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