The Bohemian-Moravian Hockey League (Czech: Českomoravská liga) was the top level of ice hockey in the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia from 1939-1944. It was known as the Mistrovství Čech a Moravy in 1939-40 and the Národní liga from 1941-1944.

It was preceded by the Czechoslovak Extraliga and the 1939 Bohemian Championship. The Czechoslovak Extraliga returned for 1945-46.


The Bohemian-Moravian Championship was first contested in 1939-40. The winner of the Metropolitan Championship advanced directly to the championship, while the second placed team, LTC Praha, was forced to play in the Qualification round, known as the Svazový pohár (Federal Cup), made up of the winners of various regional competitions.

This phase, divided into three groups, saw one team from each group move on to the championship. A second division of the Metropolitan Championship was also contested, with the top team qualifying for the 1940-41 season of the national championship.

The 1940-41 championship consisted of six teams. The Federal Cup was again contested, this time as a single-elimination tournament, between the regional championship winners, with the champion earning a spot in the championship for the following season. This format remained the same in 1941-42 and 1942-43 as well.

For 1943-44, the Federal Cup was divided into four groups, with the top team from each group advancing to the final round. As no formal competition was arranged for 1944-45, the top three teams qualified for the 1945-46 Czechoslovak Extraliga. A Divisional County Championship made up of more regional winners was also contested, as it was intended to increase the number of teams in the Federal Cup from four in each group to six.

LTC Praha won the Bohemian-Moravian Championship in four out of the five seasons it was held.


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