All-Japan Championship
Sport Ice hockey
Founded 1930
No. of teams 8
Country(ies) Flag of Japan.svg.png Japan
Most recent champion(s) Nikko Ice Bucks
Most championship(s) Oji Eagles (35)
TV partner(s) NHK
Official website

The All Japan Ice hockey Championship (全日本アイスホッケー選手権大会) is an annual ice hockey tournament for Japanese teams, that began in 1930, making the tournament one of the oldest sporting competitions in the country.

The tournament, organized by the Japan Ice Hockey Federation, is an open competition for professional (Japan has four Asia League teams), amateur, and university teams from around the country (limited berths for each region). It is usually played during one week in February in a pre-designated city, with a single-elimination tournament.

All Japan Ice Hockey championsEdit

Flag of Japan.svg All-Japan Championship champions
# Year Venue Champion Runner-up 3rd place 4th place
11930NikkōKeiō University (4)Waseda University (1) Keijo Imperial University (Seoul) Todai AK
21931NaganoManchukuo Medical University* Inakado ClubKeio University Ioshuno
31932HachinoheTomakomai Ōji (4) Nikko Seidosho (1) Hachinohe NCW Hachinohe Middle School
41933NikkōWaseda University (1) Tomakomai Oji (0) Nikko Seidoio All Tokyo
51934TōkyōKeiō University (5) Manchuria Medical University (2) Meiji University All Nikko
61935TōkyōTomakomai Ōji (6) Nikko Seidosho (3) Manchuria Medical University Keio University
71936TōkyōWaseda University (5) Nikko Furukawa (4) Keio University Rikkyo University
81937TōkyōRikkyō University (7) Meiji University (1) Keio University All-Korea (Seoul)
91938SapporoWaseda University (3) Rikkyo University (1) Oji Seishi Tomakomai Voc High School
101939TōkyōRikkyō University (4) Waseda University (3) Meiji University Keio University
111940TōkyōMeiji University (3) All Manchuria (2) Furukawa Denko Oji Seishi
121941TōkyōMeiji University (11) Keio University (3) Oji Seishi All Manchuria
131942HachinoheAll Kantō All Manchuria All Hokkaido All Korea
141943GunmaAll Manchuria (5) Meiji University (3) Oji Seishi All Manren
151947HachinoheOji Seishi (4) All Waseda (1) Morinka Nikko Seidoio
161948MoriokaHachinohe White Bears (7) Nikko Furukawa (3) East Tokyo Tochigi Prefecture
171949Nagano-Championship cancelled due to warm climate
181950TomakomaiTomakomai Paper (10) Waseda University (3) Iwakura Gumi All Rikkyo University
191951NikkōTomakomai Paper (6) Iwakura Gumi (3) Hachinohe All Keio University
201952TōkyōTomakomai Paper (5) Iwakura Gumi (3) Furukawa Denko All Hosei University
211953NikkōFurukawa Denko (8) Iwakura Gumi (2) Oji Seishi All Meiji University
221954NikkōOji Eagles (8) Furukawa Denko (2) Iwakura Gumi Tokyo Jitsuyo Dan
231955ŌsakaOji Eagles (8) Iwakura Gumi (2) Keio University Kansai Group
241956NagoyaOji Eagles (5) Furukawa Denko (3) Meiji University Rikkyo University
251957ŌsakaOji Eagles** (5) Iwakura Gumi (5) Meiji University Furukawa Denko
261958NagoyaOji Eagles (8) Furukawa Denko (6) Meiji University Iwakura Gumi
271959NikkōTōkyōFurukawa Denko (11) All Meiji University (5) Iwakura Gumi Seisui Sangyo
281960FukuokaFurukawa Denko (4) Oji Eagles (2) Seisui Sangyo Iwakura Gumi
291961TomakomaiIwakura Gumi (3-0) Furukawa Denko (2-1) Oji Eagles (1-2) Fukutoku Sogo (0-3)
301962NikkōFurukawa Denko (2-0-1) Iwakura Gumi (2-1) Oji Eagles (1-1-1) Fukutoku Sogo (0-3)
311963TōkyōIwakura Gumi (3-0) Oji Eagles (2-1) Furukawa Denko (1-2) Fukutoku Sogo (0-3)
321964TōkyōOji Eagles (2-0-1) Fukotoku Sogo (2-1) Iwakura Gumi (1-1-1) Shingawa Group (0-3)
331965TōkyōIwakura Gumi (3-0) Oji Eagles (2-1) Fukotoku Sogo (1-2) Furukawa Denko (0-3)
341966TomakomaiOji Eagles (3-0) Iwakura Gumi (2-1) Fukutoku Sogo (0-2-1) Furukawa Denko (0-2-1)
351967TōkyōIwakura Gumi (2-0-1) Seibu Tetsudo (1-1-1) Oji Eagles (1-2) Furukawa Denko (1-2)
361968TōkyōOji Eagles (3-0) Iwakura Gumi (2-1) Seibu Tetsudo (1-2) Furukawa Denko (0-3)
371969TōkyōOji Eagles (3-0) Iwakura Gumi (2-1) Seibu Tetsudo (1-2) Furukawa Denko (0-3)
381970TōkyōSeibu Tetsudo (3-0) Oji Eagles (2-1) Iwakura Gumi (1-2) Furukawa Denko (0-3)
391971TōkyōSeibu Tetsudo (3-0) Oji Eagles (2-1) Iwakura Gumi (1-2) Fukotoku Sogo (0-3)
401972TōkyōSeibu Tetsudo (3-0) Oji Eagles (2-1) Iwakura Gumi (0-2-1) All Meiji University (0-2-1)
411973TōkyōOji Eagles (3-0) Seibu Tetsudo (1-2) Iwakura Gumi (1-2) Furukawa Denko (1-2)
421974TōkyōSeibu Tetsudo (5-0-1) Iwakura Gumi (5-1) Kokudo Kiekaku (4-1-1) Oji Seishi (3-3)
431975TōkyōKokudo Keikaku Ice Hockey Club (6-0) Seibu Tetsudo (4-1-1) Iwakura Gumi (4-2) Oji Eagles (3-2-1)
441976SapporoOji Eagles (5-0-1) Seibu Tetsudo (5-0-1) Kokudo Keikaku (3-2-1) Iwakura Gumi (3-2-1)
451977TōkyōOji Eagles (3-0) Seibu Tetsudo (2-1) Iwakura Gumi (1-2) Kokudo Keikaku (0-3)
461978TōkyōSeibtu Tetsudo (4) Kokudo Keikaku (1) Oji Eagles Iwakura
471979TōkyōSeibu Tetsudo (3-0) Iwakura (2-1) Oji Eagles (1-2) Kokudo Keikaku (0-3)
481980TōkyōOji Eagles (3-0) Seibu Tetsudo (2-1) Kokudo Keikaku (1-2) Furukawa Denko (0-3)
491981TōkyōOji Eagles (3-0) Kokudo Keikaku (2-1) Seibu Tetsudo (1-2) Furukawa Denko (0-3)
501982TōkyōKokudo Keikaku Ice Hockey Club Oji Eagles Seibu Tetsudo Yukiiurushi
511983TōkyōOji Eagles (5W) Seibu Tetsudo Yukiiurushi Kokudo Keikaku
521984TōkyōOji Eagles (5W) Yukiiurushi Kokudo Keikaku Seibu Tetsudo
531985TōkyōOji Eagles (4W) Kokudo Keikaku Seibu Tetsudo Furukawa Denko
541986TōkyōOji Eagles (6) Kokudo Keikaku (3) Seibu Tetsudo Furukawa Denko
551987TōkyōOji Eagles (6) Yukiiurushi (3) Seibu Tetsudo Furukawa Denko
561988TōkyōKokudo Keikaku Ice Hockey Club Oji Eagles Yukiiurushi Juio Seishi
571989TōkyōOji Eagles Yukiiurushi Kokudo Keikaku Juio Seishi
581990TōkyōKokudo Keikaku Ice Hockey Club Juio Seishi Oji Eagles Yukiiurushi
591991TomakomaiSapporoOji Eagles Yukiiurushi Seibu Tetsudo Juio Seishi
601992TōkyōOji Eagles Seibu Tetsudo Kokudo Meiji University
611994SapporoOji Eagles Kokudo Yukiiurushi Nippon Seishi
621995TōkyōOji Eagles Kokudo Yukiiurushi Seibu Tetsudo
631996SapporoOji Eagles Kokudo Nippon Seishi Seibu Tetsudo
641997NaganoKokudo Ice Hockey Club (8) Oji Eagles (2) Seibu Tetsudo Furukawa Denko
651998TomakomaiKokudo Ice Hockey Club (4) Oji Eagles (1) Cranes Seibu Tetsudo
661999TōkyōKokudo Ice Hockey Club (3) Seibu Tetsudo (2) Furukawa Oji Eagles
672000TōkyōOji Eagles
682001SapporoSeibu Railways Ice Hockey Club
692002TōkyōOji Eagles
702003SapporoKokudo Ice Hockey Club
712004SapporoKokudo Ice Hockey Club
722005NaganoOji Eagles
732006SapporoNippon Paper Cranes
742007HachinoheNippon Paper Cranes
752008KushiroSeibu Prince Rabbits
762009TōkyōSeibu Prince Rabbits
772010TomakomaiNippon Paper Cranes
782011NikkoNippon Paper Cranes
792012HachinoheNippon Paper Cranes
802013YokohamaOji Eagles
812014SapporoNippon Paper Cranes
822015YokohamaNikko Ice Bucks
832016SapporoNippon Paper Cranes

The 1971, 1982, 1993, 2013 and 2014 championships were played the year before but count for the season indicated. *Inakdo ceded title to Manchuria. **Oji declared champions as they won the previous year. Single elimination format used until 1961; final game scores in brackets. Round-robin used from 1961-1985 (single elimination in 1971); team record in brackets. Single elimination used again in 1986; final game scores in brackets.

B PoolEdit

Flag of Japan.svg All-Japan Championship B Pool champions
Year Venue Champion Runner-up 3rd place 4th place
1974TōkyōShin Nichido Muroran (3) Tomakomai Shivakusho (2) Kaneiri Nippon Keikinzoku
1975TōkyōNippon Keikinzoku (10) Kaneiri (1) Hosei University Issei Funabashi
1976TokyoHosei University (8) Shin Nichido Muroran (3) Toyo University Kaneiri
1977TōkyōRed Arrows (3-0) Nippon Keikinzoku (2-1) Toyo University (1-2) Hachinohe National (0-3)
1978TochigiNippon Keikinzoku (7) Hachinohe National (2) Shin Nichido Muroran Honshu Seishi
1979AomoriHachinohe National (3) Kaneiri (1) Shin Nichido Muroran Komazawa Univ. High Sch.
1980TochigiNippon Keikinzoku (7) Shin Nichido Muroran (2) Komazawa Univ High Sch. Tomakomai Shivakusho
1981NaganoKomazawa Univ. High Sch. (4) Hachinohe National (2) Tomakomai Shivakusho Yoshida Sangyo
1982AomoriKomazawa Univ. High Sch. Green Mate Saitama Yoshida Sangyo Aomori
1983TōkyōMeiji University Guma Seals Yoshida Sangyo
1984TōkyōMeiji University Hachinohe Shicho Yoshida Sangyo
1985TōkyōMeiji University Hachinohe Schicho Kokusaku Paruba
1986HachinoheSangyo Kokusaku Paruba Hachinohe Shicho Yoshida Sangyo
1987GunmaSangyo Kokusaku Paruba Yoshida Sangyo Hachinohe Shinvo Kinko
1988HokkaidoIuio IOB (Hokkaido) Obihiro Senbatsu Shin Nichido Muroran
1989NaganoSangyo Kokusaku Paruba Karuiizawa Skating Center Green Mate
1990IbarakiGreen Mate Sangyo Kokusaku Paruba Shin Nichido Muroran
1991YamaoataGreen Mate Shin Nichido Muroran Yoshida Sangyo
1992HachinoheSangyo Kokusaku Paruba Yoshida Sangyo Hachinohe Shicho
1993GunmaHachinohe Schicho Sugvorai Gurus Green Mate
1994FukushimaNippon Seishi IOB Toyo Jets Green Mate
1995TochigiHachinohe Shicho Green Mate Chuzenii Club
1996HokkaidoHachinohe Shicho Nippon Seishi Tsushima Koio Green Mate

Scores from single elimination and records from round-robin listed in brackets if known.

C PoolEdit

Flag of Japan.svg All-Japan Championship C Pool champions
Year Venue Champion Runner-up 3rd place 4th place
1975TōkyōKorea (5) Yoshida Sangyo 3) Toyo University Tokyo Cats
1976TokyoHachinohe National (10) Kushiro Ikko High School (5) Kyowa Club Matsumoto Club
1977TōkyōHonshu Seishi (7) Funabashi Club (5) Hachinohe Shicho Chudai
1978TochigiYoshida Sangyo (5)* Iujo Service Center (5) Hachinohe Shicho Saitama National
1979AomoriHachinohe Shivakusho (5) Tomakomai Shivakusho (1) Obihiro Chusuka Okage Club
1980TochigiYoshida Sangyo (6) Green Mate (4) Sangyo Kokusaku Paruba Betsukura Seisakusho
1981NaganoKushiro Shivakusho (6) Obihiro Green Club (4) Kaneiri Karuiizawa Club
1982TochigiKovama Yuenchi Hachinohe Shicho Chuzenii Sports Club

Scores from final listed in brackets if known. *Yoshida won special playoff 3-1.

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