The 2013-14 Turkish Ice Hockey Super League season was the 22nd season of the Turkish Ice Hockey Super League, the top level of ice hockey in Turkey. Two teams participated in the league, and İzmir Büyükşehir Belediyesi SK and won the championship.[1]

The original league schedule was published by the Turkish Ice Hockey Federation in late November 2013. Many of the games were cancelled after two clubs withdrew from the league.[2]

Participating teamsEdit

Erzurum Gençlik Spor and Ankara Büyuksehir Belediyesi SK were also set to participate in the league, but withdrew.


  • January 4: Izmir BBSK - Zeytinburnu BSK
  • January 26: Zeytinburnu BSK - Izmir BBSK
  • February 22: Izmir BBSK - Zeytinburnu BSK
  • March 2: Zeytinburnu BSK 23 - Izmir BBSK 7


  • Best forward: Alec Koçoğlu (Izmir)
  • Best defenseman: Barış Coşkun (Zeytinburnu)
  • Best goalkeeper: Levent Özbayduğan (Izmir)
  • Most valuable player: Denis Legersky (Izmir)


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