The 2012–13 Croatian Ice Hockey League season was the 22nd season of the Croatian Ice Hockey League, the top level of ice hockey in Croatia. KHL Medveščak Zagreb II won the championship by defeating KHL Mladost Zagreb in the final.

Format Edit

The league began the season with four teams, three from Croatia and HDK Maribor from Slovenia. Maribor pulled-out of the championship with three games left to play in the first round. KHL Sisak joined the championship for the second round, which consisted of six games played each. The three Croatian teams that participated in the first round received bonus points which carried over to the second round. KHL Mladost Zagreb received six points, KHL Medveščak Zagreb II received four points, and KHL Zagreb received two points. KHL Sisak started the second round with zero points. All four teams that participated in the second round qualified for the playoffs.

First round Edit

Club GP W OTW OTL L Goals Pts
1. Flag of Slovenia.svg HDK Maribor 9 800167:2224
2. Flag of Croatia.svg KHL Mladost Zagreb 11 602362:5220
3. Flag of Croatia.svg KHL Medveščak Zagreb II 9 310539:5211
4. Flag of Croatia.svg KHL Zagreb 11 110937:782

Second round Edit

Club GP W OTW OTL L Goals Pts
1. KHL Medveščak Zagreb II 6 500135:1819
2. KHL Mladost Zagreb 6 400253:3118
3. KHL Zagreb 6 300332:3611
4. KHL Sisak 6 000622:570

Playoffs Edit


Final Edit

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