The 2009 India National Championship was staged at the Karzoo Ice Rink in Leh, Ladakh, from January 22-29, 2009. Seven teams participated in the tournament, which was won by the Ladakh Scouts, who defeated the Jammu & Kashmir Blue Team in the final.

Participating teamsEdit

  • Ex-Servicemen
  • Indian Army Red
  • Indo-Tibetan Border Police
  • Jammu & Kashmir Blue Team
  • Jammu & Kashmir Red Team
  • Kargil Ice and Snow Sports Club
  • Ladakh Scouts

Championship OverviewEdit


Controversy enveloped the tournament as three clubs withdrew after accusing the Jammu & Kashmir Blue Team and the competition organizers of match fixing. The general secretary of the Kargil club, Aman Ali Khan, claimed that Jammu & Kashmir Blue had "stressed and pressured" their Red counterparts to allow them to score enough goals to advance to the semifinals.

The Jammu & Kashmir Red Team eventually left the ice in protest, and the organizing committee responded by inserting three outside players to complete the match for the club. The final score wound up being 36:19 in favor of the Blue Team, which earned them a spot in the semifinals.

The Ex-Servicemen, Kargil Ice and Snow Sports Club, and the Indo-Tibetan Border Police then resigned from the competition and later wrote a formal complaint to the Indian Olympic Association and the president of the Winter Games Federation.



Group AEdit

Club GP W T L Goals Pts
1. Jammu & Kashmir Blue Team 3 12037:204
2. Ladakh Scouts 3 12029:234
3. Indian Army Red 3 12028:204
4. Jammu & Kashmir Red Team 3 00321:520

Group BEdit

Club GP W T L Goals Pts
1. Indo-Tibetan Border Police 2 20019:34
2. Ex-Servicemen 2 1014:82
3. Kargil Ice and Snow Sports Club 2 0024:160

Final roundEdit

  • Jammu & Kashmir Blue Team 1 - Ex-Servicemen 0 (Forfeit)
  • Indo-Tibetan Border Police 1 - Ladakh Scouts 2 (SO)
3rd place game
  • Indo-Tibetan Border Police 5 - Ex-Servicemen 1
  • Jammu & Kashmir Blue Team 1 - Ladakh Scouts 1 / 0:2 (SO)


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