The 2009 Copa de la Federacion was contested by five teams. It was won by CH Jaca, who claimed the championship by virtue of a 5-0 forfeit victory over CG Puigcerda.

First roundEdit


CH Jaca         4-0-0-0-12 41-7
CG Puigcerda    2-1-1-0-8  21-20 
CHH Txuri Urdin 2-0-0-2-6  20-17
FC Barcelona    1-0-1-2-4  18-29
SAD Majahonda   0-0-0-4-0   6-34

Final roundEdit


  • CH Jaca - FC Barcelona 14-5, 18-0
  • CG Puigcerda - CHH Txuri Urdin 10-0, 6-2


  • CH Jaca 5 - CG Puigcerda 0 on Forfeit

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