The 2009 Brazilian Championship (Campeonato Brasileiro de Ice Hockey) was the second edition of the competition. It was staged on March 30, 2009, at the Eldorado Shopping Mall Ice Rink in Sao Paulo.

Final rankingEdit

1. Sociedad Hipica de Campinas
2. Amparo NL
3. Portuguesa
4. Palmeiras
5. Hipica Horses
6. Capelle's Hockey School
7. Q1 Sports - MS


  • Top scorer: Caua Guzman - Amparo NL
  • Most assists: Luiz Almeida - Sociedad Hipica de Campinas
  • Best goalie: Gabriel Amaral - Sociedad Hipica de Campinas
  • MVP: Caua Guzman - Amparo NL

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