The 2009-10 Kyrgyzstan Championship was the first edition of the competition. It was contested by six teams and won by Khan Tengri Bishkek.

First roundEdit

1. Khan Tengri Bishkek
2. Dordoi Ala-Too Naryn
3. Tenti Ake Balzak
4. Erkin Farm Chaek
 ?. Alai Osh
 ?. HC Cholpon-Ata
Known scores
  • Khan Tengri Bishkek 9 - Tenti Ake Balzak 0
  • Khan Tengri 18 - Cholpon-Ata 1
  • Dordoi Ala-Too Naryn 7 - Erkin Farm Chaek 5
  • Erkin Farm Chaek 6 - Alai Osh 3


  • Khan Tengri Bishkek 4 - Dordoi Ala-Too Naryn 2

3rd placeEdit

  • Tenti Ake Balzak 3 - Erkin Farm Chaek 2

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