The 2000-01 Turkish Ice Hockey Super League season was the ninth season of the Turkish Ice Hockey Super League, the top level of ice hockey in Turkey. 10 teams participated in the league.

Regular seasonEdit

Club GP W T L Goals Pts
1. Büyükşehir Belediyesi Ankara Spor Kulübü 18 1611358:2133
2. İstanbul Paten Spor Kulübü 18 1602247:6432
3. Polis Akademisi ve Koleji 18 1512297:6631
4. Bogazici PSK Istanbul 18 1206215:8724
5. TED Ankara Kolejliler Spor Kulübü 18 909164:14618
6. BELPA Ankara 18 90994:13818
7. İzmit Büyüksehir BSK 18 401495:2748
8. Antalya Akdeniz 18 4014116:3638
9. Izmir Büyüksehir BSK 18 311464:1817
10. Gümüş Patenler 18 011745:3591

Playoffs Edit

Semifinals Edit

3rd place Edit


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