The 2000-01 Latvian Hockey League season was the tenth season of the Latvian Hockey League, the top level of ice hockey in Latvia. Seven teams participated in the league, and HK Riga 2000 won the championship.


Club GP W T L GF:GA Pts
1. HK Riga 2000 24 2211200:04445
2. HK Liepājas Metalurgs 24 1923181:04640
3. HK Lido Nafta Riga 24 1338139:09129
4. HK Vilki Riga 24 13110129:07727
5. LB Prizma Riga 24 8115096:15317
6. Kandava Daugavpils 24 2220069:2456
7. Stalkers/Juniors Daugavpils 24 1221048:2064

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