The 1996-97 Slovak Extraliga season was the fourth season of the Slovak Extraliga, the top level of ice hockey in Slovakia. 10 teams participated in the league, and Dukla Trencin won the championship.

Regular seasonEdit

First roundEdit

Team GP Pts W T L GF:GA Diff.
1.Dukla Trenčín36572736151:100+51
2.HC Košice365024210154:112+42
3.HC Slovan Bratislava364721510150:108+42
4.ŠKP PS Poprad364418810146:112+34
5.Martimex ZŤS Martin364419611111:92+19
6.HK 32 Liptovský Mikuláš362812420117:144-27
7.VTJ Spišská Nová Ves362812420111:140-29
8.Spartak Dubnica nad Váhom36249621116:161-45
9.MHC Nitra36208424106:143-37
10.ŠK Iskra Banská Bystrica3618662497:147-50

Final round Edit

Team GP Pts W T L GF:GA Diff.
1.HC Košice102072144:27+17
2.Dukla Trenčín101550545:29+16
3.Martimex ZŤS Martin101461336:37-1
4.ŠKP PS Poprad101351436:39
5.HC Slovan Bratislava101140642:34+8
6.HK 32 Liptovský Mikuláš10210920:57-37

Relegation Edit

Team GP Pts W T L GF:GA Diff.
1.MHC Nitra141983354:42+12
2.HK 36 Skalica141874344:37+7
3.VTJ Spišská Nová Ves141882452:34+18
4.HKm Zvolen141882452:34+18
5.ŠK Iskra Banská Bystrica141664446:39+7
6.HC MEZ VTJ Michalovce141034736:48-12
7.Spartak Dubnica nad Váhom141042836:49-13
8.HK Dragon Prešov143031127:64-37


Semifinals Edit

  • HC Košice - ŠKP PS Poprad 3:0 (6:3,5:2,3:2 OT)
  • Dukla Trenčín - Martimex ZŤS Martin 3:0 (10:4,6:2,2:1)

3rd place Edit

  • Slovan Bratislava - HK 32 Liptovský Mikuláš 2:0 (7:2,7:5)

5th place Edit

  • Martimex ZŤS Martin-ŠKP PS Poprad 0:2 (0:2,3:4)

Final Edit

  • Dukla Trenčín - HC Košice 3:1 (5:3,1:5,5:2,6:1)

External linksEdit

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