The 1980–81 English League South season was the third season of the English League South (also known as the Inter-City League), the top level ice hockey league in southern England. Nine teams participated in the league, and the Streatham Redskins won the championship. They qualified for the semifinals of the British Championship by virtue of finishing first in the regular season. The games played by the Universities of Cambridge and Oxford were counted double. (One win/loss is equivalent to two wins/losses.)

Regular seasonEdit

Club GP W T L GF-GA Pts
1. Streatham Redskins 16 1600126:2232
2. Richmond Flyers 16 121391:3425
3. Southampton Vikings 16 92577:6820
4. Nottingham Panthers 16 73675:7517
5. Altrincham Aces 16 80846:6416
6. Solihull Barons 16 70945:7914
7. Avon Arrows 16 601049:6912
8. Cambridge University 16 201419:654
9. Oxford University 16 201428:804




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