The 1957-58 OB I bajnokság season was the 21st season of the OB I bajnokság, the top level of ice hockey in Hungary. Five teams participated in the league, and Ujpesti Dozsa SC won the championship.


Club GP W T L Goals Pts
1. Újpesti Dózsa SC 8 71047:1715
2. Vörös Meteor Budapest 8 24217:168
3. BVSC Budapest 8 32317:258
4. Ferencvárosi TC 8 23323:227
5. Építõk Budapest 8 10715:392

(Note: A sixth participant, Györi, forfeited the rest of the season after four games [a 10-0 loss to Ferencvárosi TC, a 9-0 defeat to BVSC Budapest, a 13-1 decision to Vörös Meteor Budapest, and a 9-0 loss to Építõk Budapest].)

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