The 1950-51 Oberliga season was the third season of the Oberliga, the top level of ice hockey in Germany. 12 teams participated in the league, and Preußen Krefeld won the championship.

As HC Augsburg was relegated, five new teams were promoted to the Oberliga for 1950-51 as it expanded from eight to 12 teams. Düsseldorfer EG, HTHC Hamburg, WSV Braunlage, Berliner SC, and EC Bad Tölz earned spots in the Oberliga.

The top two teams from the Western and Southern groups qualified directly for the final round. The third placed teams from each group played a qualification match against one another for the right to face the first place squad from the Northern group, Düsseldorfer EG, to decide the fifth participant in the final round.

The league was reduced to eight teams for 1951-52. Three teams from the weakest Northern group (which consisted of four of the five new teams having won their regional competitions) were relegated directly, as was Kolner EK from the Western group, while EV Tegernsee from the Southern group was relegated after falling in a qualification game.

First roundEdit

North Edit

Club Gp W T L GF-GA Pts
1. Düsseldorfer EG 660084:412:0
2.HTHC Hamburg 42029:144:4
3.WSV Braunlage 20020:410:4
4.Berliner SC 40048:420:8

West Edit

Club Gp W T L GF-GA Pts
1. Preußen Krefeld 6600 50:7 12:0
2.VfL Bad Nauheim 640242:23 8:4
3.Krefelder EV 6204 30:384:8
4.Kölner EK 60066:600:12

South Edit

Club Gp W T L GF-GA Pts
1. EV Füssen 6510 61:1411:1
2.SC Riessersee 6411 55:169:3
3.EC Bad Tölz 6105 28:532:10
4.EV Tegernsee 6105 12:732:10

Qualification for final round Edit

  • EC Bad Tölz – Krefelder EV 2:3
  • Krefelder EV – Düsseldorfer EG 5:2

Final round Edit

Club Gp W T L GF-GA Pts
1. Preußen Krefeld 8800 60:2216:0
2.EV Füssen 8602 50:2612:4
3.SC Riessersee 8224 36:486:10
4.VfL Bad Nauheim 8224 23:386:10
5.Krefelder EV 8008 24:590:16

Relegation - South Edit

  • EV Rosenheim - EV Tegernsee 2:0

References Edit

  • Müller, Stephan (2000). Deutsche Eishockey Meisterschaften. Germany: Print on Demand. ISBN 3-8311-0997-4. 

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