The 1949-50 Oberliga season was the second season of the Oberliga, the top level of ice hockey in Germany. Eight teams participated in the league, an increase of two from the previous year, and SC Riessersee won the championship. The league was organized by the Deutscher Eissport-Verband (DEV).

Oberliga Qualification 1949-50Edit

EV Tegernsee qualified for the Oberliga.

Qualification for the 7th Place in the OberligaEdit

  • SG Mannheim - Kölner EK 3:3 (not counted)

This was going to be a relegation game, as Kolner EK finished last in the Oberliga the previous year, but as the league was expanded to eight teams for 1949-50, they retained their spot in the league, and the result from the game was not counted.

Qualification for the 8th place in the OberligaEdit

Krefelder EV qualified for the league.

Regular seasonEdit

Club Gp W T L GF-GA Pts
1. SC Riessersee 141211 93:2925:3
2.Preußen Krefeld 141112145:3623:5
3.EV Füssen 141022129:2722:6
4.VfL Bad Nauheim 14824 75:3918:10
5.Kölner EK 1442841: 10510:18
6.Krefelder EV 1441949:729:19
7.EV Tegernsee 14121128:1124:24
8.HC Augsburg 14011321:161 1:27


  • Müller, Stephan (2000). Deutsche Eishockey Meisterschaften. Germany: Print on Demand. ISBN 3-8311-0997-4. 

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