The 1948 German Ice Hockey Championship was the 30th season of the German Ice Hockey Championship, the national championship of Germany. The first round consisted of Northern and Southern sections. The top three teams from each section qualified for the final round. SC Riessersee won the championship.

First roundEdit


Club GP W T L GF-GA Pts
1. VfL Bad Nauheim 870146:1314:02
2. Krefelder EV860254:3212:04
3. Preußen Krefeld 830536:4706:10
4.Kölner EK 821528:5005:11
5. EG Hamburg 811616:3803:13

SG Eichkamp withdrew after losing to Krefelder EV (4:18), Preußen Krefeld (5:9) and Kölner EK (6:7). The results from the games were subsequently erased.

South Edit

Club GP W T L GF GA Pts
1. SC Riessersee 8701332614:02
2.EV Füssen8602291512:04
3. HC Augsburg 850346410:06
4.EV Tegernsee 8206134404:12
5. SG Mannheim 800814200:16

Final roundEdit

Club GP W T L GF-GA Pts
1. SC Riessersee 1082060:1618:02
2.VfL Bad Nauheim1063151:3015:05
3.EV Füssen 1052358:5012:08
4.Krefelder EV 1031642:5207:13
5.HC Augsburg 1030730:3106:14
6.Preußen Krefeld 1010927:8902:18


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