The 1947 German Ice Hockey Championship was the 29th season of the German Ice Hockey Championship, the national championship of Germany. It was the first official championship to be contested after World War II.

There were several qualification rounds staged to determine the participants in the final. SC Riessersee won the championship by defeating SG Berlin-Eichkamp in the final.

National championshipEdit

Qualification roundEdit


Hesse ChampionshipEdit

  • VfL Bad Nauheim - SC 1880 Frankfurt 8:1
  • SC Forsthausstraße Frankfurt - SC 1880 Frankfurt 8:2
  • VfL Bad Nauheim - SC Forsthausstraße Frankfurt 7:1
Club GP W T L GF-GA Pts
1. VfL Bad Nauheim 220015:24
2.SC Forsthausstraße Frankfurt21019:92
3.SC 1880 Frankfurt 20023:160

The top two teams qualified for the Southwestern final.

Southwestern FinalEdit

Club GP W T L GF-GA Pts
1. VfL Bad Nauheim 330028:86
2.Stuttgarter EC31118:143
3.Schwenningen 31027:152
4.SC Forsthausstraße Frankfurt 30123:121

Stuttgarter EC filed a complaint asserting that Bad Nauheim had used an unauthorized final. They won the protest and advanced in place of Bad Nauheim, who was disqualified

Bavarian ChampionshipEdit


Other participants: HC Augsburg, SC München, Münchener EV, and EV Tegernsee.

Southern FinalEdit

SC Riessersee qualified for the final.


Berlin ChampionshipEdit

  • SG Berlin-Eichkamp 16 - SG Pankow 3
  • SG Tempelhof 5 - SG Pankow 0
  • SG Berlin-Eichkamp - SG Tempelhof 3:1
  1. SG Berlin-Eichkamp
  2. SG Tempelhof
  3. SG Pankow
  • SG Berlin Eichkampf 24 - SG Tempelhof 8

The Allied forces occupying the region dissolved all civic clubs and initially only allowed the formation of local sports groups. The teams were thus organized to represent their individual borough (section of Berlin). SG Berlin-Eichkamp consisted of primarily former Berliner SC players.

Northwestern ChampionshipEdit

A northwestern championship was supposed to be organized between Berlin and the Western teams from Dusseldorf and Krefeld. However, Krefelder EV, winner of the 1946 Bizone Championship, considered itself to be the legitimate German champion, and refused to participate in the event. SG Berlin-Eichkamp qualified directly for the final as a result.


SC Riessersee SG Berlin-Eichkamp 10:1 (4:0, 3:0, 3:1)


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