The 1940 German Ice Hockey Championship was the 24th season of the German Ice Hockey Championship, the national championship of Germany. 10 teams participated in the championship, and Wiener EG won the title.

The 1940 championship also served as the first German War Championship (Kriegsmeisterschaft). Teams short on players were allowed to combine forces as Kriegsspielgemeinschaften (KSG). BFC Preussen and Zehlendorfer Wespen combined squads this year.

Each Gau could enter one team, however, the federation reserved the right to use its judgement and select other teams from stronger Gaus, if others did not have any teams sign up. Gau II/III, IX-XIII, XVI and XVII each had two teams enter. The maximum number of teams in the championship was 10. There were no teams from the Gaus IV, V/VI, VII/VIII, and XIV/XV.

There were also new "sports area communities" (Sportbereichsgemeinschaft) formed on January 1, 1940. Sportbereich XIX (Danzig-West Prussia) was created in the former Free State of Danzig and its surrounding areas. In Western Poland, the Sportbereich Wartheland was formed and in Eastern Poland the Sportbereich Generalgouvernement was created. These areas did not enter teams in the national championship/

Northern Championship (Gau II/III/Berlin)Edit

Club GP W T L GF-GA Pts
1. Berliner Schlittschuhclub 32109:25
2.KSG Preussen/Wespen32019:54
3.LTTC Rot-Weiß Berlin 31116:33
4.SC Brandenburg Berlin 30032:160

National ChampionshipEdit

First roundEdit

Group AEdit

Düsseldorfer EG Berliner Schlittschuhclub 1:1
Düsseldorfer EG Rastenburger EV 3:1
Düsseldorfer EG KSG Preussen / Wespen 2:1
Düsseldorfer EG Krefelder EV 2:0
Berliner Schlittschuhclub Rastenburger EV 1:1
Berliner Schlittschuhclub KSG Preussen / Wespen 3:1
Berliner Schlittschuhclub Krefelder EV 2:0
Rastenburger EV KSG Preussen / Wespen 0:3
Rastenburger EV Krefelder EV 4:0
KSG Preussen / Wespen Krefelder EV 1:2
Club GP W T L GF-GA Pts
1. Düsseldorfer EG 43108:37:1
2.Berliner Schlittschuhclub42207:36:2
3.Rastenburger EV 41126:73:5
4.KSG Preußen / Wespen 41036:72:6
5. Krefelder EV 410305:132:6

Group BEdit

Wiener EG SC Riessersee 2:0
Wiener EG Klagenfurter AC 2:3
Wiener EG ESV Füssen 2:0
Wiener EG Troppauer EV 8:0
SC Riessersee Klagenfurter AC 3:0
SC Riessersee ESV Füssen 1:0
SC Riessersee Troppauer EV 4:0
Klagenfurter AC ESV Füssen 1:7
Klagenfurter AC Troppauer EV 4:1
ESV Füssen Troppauer EV 1:1
Club GP W T L GF-GA Pts
1. Wiener EG 430114:036:2
2.SC Riessersee430108:026:2
3.Klagenfurter AC 420208:134:4
4.ESV Füssen 411208:053:5
5. Troppauer EV 401302:171:7

Final roundEdit

Wiener EG Berliner Schlittschuhclub 2:1
Wiener EG SC Riessersee 3:3
Wiener EG Düsseldorfer EG 1:0
Berliner Schlittschuhclub SC Riessersee 1:0
Berliner Schlittschuhclub Düsseldorfer EG 1:1
SC Riessersee Düsseldorfer EG 1:1
Club GP W T L GF-GA Pts
1. Wiener EG 32106:45:1
2.Berliner Schlittschuhclub31113:33:3
3.SC Riessersee 30214:52:4
4.Düsseldorfer EG 30212:32:4

Other gamesEdit

See also: 1939 Leinweber Pokal

  • Troppauer EV - Klagenfurter AC 3:1
  • Klagenfurter AC - Nuremberg 4:4 (2:0, 2:2, 0:2)
  • Klagenfurter AC - Nuremberg 3:2 (0:0, 1:2, 2:0)
  • SC Amateure Steyr - Munich SC 2:1 (1:0, 0:1, 1:0)
  • Berliner Schlittschuhclub - SV Rastenburg 3:3
  • Wiener EG - Strassenbahn 5:1 (2:1, 1:0, 2:0)
  • Dusseldorf - Vienna 4:0


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