The 1937 Toronto International Tournament was an international club tournament played from April 17-26, 1937, in Toronto, Ontario. The Sudbury Tigers won the tournament by defeating the Wembley Lions in the final. Teams from Canada, England, and the United States participated in the tournament.

Four teams participated in the tournament: The Hershey Bears, winners of the Eastern American Hockey League, the Sudbury Tigers, winners of the Allan Cup, the Winnipeg Monarchs, winners of the Memorial Cup, and the Wembley Lions, winner of the English National League.


  • April 17, 1937: Wembley Lions - Hershey Bears 6:3
  • April 19, 1937: Wembley Lions - Winnipeg Monarchs 4:2
  • April 20, 1937: Sudbury Tigers - Hershey Bears 5:2
  • April 21, 1937: Winnipeg Monarchs - Hershey Bears 8:7

On April 21, the United States Amateur Athletic Union suspended the Hershey Bears for previously playing against the Baltimore Orioles, who had previously been suspended by the USAA. The Canadian Amateur Athletic Union then suspended the Winnipeg Monarchs for facing the Hershey Bears. With two teams suspended from the tournament, the round-robin ceased, and a three game final between the Sudbury Tigers and Wembley Lions was played.


  • April 22, 1937: Sudbury Tigers - Wembley Lions 3:3
  • April 24, 1937: Sudbury Tigers - Wembley Lions 6:4
  • April 26, 1937: Sudbury Tigers - Wembley Lions 1:2/ 1:0 OT

The Wembley Lions had to catch a boat back to England the following morning. With the series tied, one win, one loss, and one tie apiece, a sudden-death overtime period was organized. Whoever scored first would win the tournament. Sudbury scored the first goal, and thus won the tournament.

Team PhotosEdit

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