The 1925 German Ice Hockey Championship was the ninth season of the German Ice Hockey Championship, the national championship of Germany. Three teams participated in the championship, and Berliner Schlittschuhclub won the title.

The championship was contested on February 8, 1925, on Lake Riessersee in Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

Bavarian ChampionshipEdit

Northern BavariaEdit

  • Nuremberg HTC - HG Nuremberg 2:1 (1:0, 0:1, 1:0) - the federation requested that the match be re-played, but NHTC refused, so HGN was declared champions

Southern BavariaEdit

Bavarian FinalEdit

  • SC Riessersee - HG Nuremberg - not played

The final was due to take place immediately after the Southern Bavarian Championship, but cracks had appeared in the ice, so it was unable to be played. No Bavarian champion was declared, although Riessersee did advance to play in the national championship.

National ChampionshipEdit

SC Charlottenburg withdrew due to insufficient training.


Berliner Schlittschuhclub SC Riessersee 5:2
Berliner Schlittschuhclub Münchener EV 8:0
SC Riessersee Münchener EV 7:1

Final standingsEdit

Club GP W T L GF-GA Pts
1. Berliner Schlittschuhclub 220013:024:0
2.SC Riessersee 210109:062:2
3.Münchener EV 200201:150:4

Other gamesEdit

  • SC Riessersee - HG Nuremberg 8:1 (2:0, 4:1, 2:0)
  • Munchener EV - HG Nuremberg 3:2
  • Berliner Schlittschuhclub - HG Nuremberg 11:0 (5:0, 6:0)


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