The 1914 LIHG Championship was the third and last edition of the LIHG Championships. It was held from January 20-22, 1914, in Chamonix, France. Great Britain won the championship, Germany finished second, and France finished third.

The tournament was alternatively known as the sixth Coupe de Chamonix.


Game ScoresEdit

Final TableEdit

Pl. Team GP W T L Goals Pts
1. Flag of the United Kingdom.svg.png Great Britain 3 3 0 0 15:4 6
2. Flag of the German Empire.svg.png Germany 3 1 1 1 6:5 3
3. Flag of France.svg.png France 3 0 2 1 1:4 2
4. Flag of Bohemia svg.png Bohemia 3 0 1 2 5:14 1

Team rostersEdit

Place Team Player
1 Flag of the United Kingdom.svg.png Great Britain Skaters: Guy Clarkson, Alfred Goodale, Frederick Hutchinson, Robert Le Cron, Peter Patton, Arthur Sullivan, Howard Webster Goaltender: Matthew Agar
2 Flag of the German Empire.svg.png Germany Hans Georgii, Wilhelm Glimm, Bruno Grauel, Charles Hartley, Max Holsboer, Franz Lange, Nisse Molander, Johan Ollus, Alfred Steinke Goaltender: Arthur Boak
3 Flag of France.svg.png France Skaters: Andre Brasseur, Pierre Charpentier, Jacques Chaudron, Alfred de Rauch, Robert Lacroix, Robert Masson, Robert Simond, H. Taylor Goaltender: Robert George
4 Flag of Bohemia svg.png Bohemia Skaters: Jan Fleischmann, Mila Fleischmann, Jaroslav Jirkovsky, Jan Palous, Frantisek Rublic, Josef Rublic, Josef Sroubek Goaltender: Karel Walzer



  • Müller, Stephan (2005). International Ice Hockey Encyclopaedia 1904–2005. Germany: Books on Demand. ISBN 3-8334-4189-5. 

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