The 1913 LIHG Championship was the second edition of the LIHG Championships. The tournament was held from January 22-24, 1913, in St. Moritz, Switzerland. Germany won the championship, Great Britain finished second, and France finished third.

Germany was represented by Berliner Schlittschuhclub, Great Britain by Princes Ice Hockey Club, France by Club des Patineurs de Paris, and Bohemia by SK Slavia Praha.


Pl. Team GP W T L Goals Pts
1. Flag of the German Empire.svg.png Germany 4 4 0 0 26:3 8
2. Flag of the United Kingdom.svg.png Great Britain 4 3 0 1 14:3 6
3. Flag of France.svg.png France 4 2 0 2 14:7 4
4. Flag of Bohemia svg.png Bohemia 4 1 0 3 6:13 2
5. Flag of Switzerland.svg.png Switzerland 4 0 0 4 3:31 0

Team rostersEdit

Place Team Player
1 Flag of the German Empire.svg.png Germany Skaters: Hans Georgii, Charles Hartley, Franz Lange, Nisse Molander, Johan Ollus, Walter Sachs, Alfred Steinke Goaltender: Arthur Boak
2 Flag of the United Kingdom.svg.png Great Britain Jack Cawthra, Ross Cuthbert, Harold Duden, John Freke, Arthur Lawson, Peter Patton, K. Stewart Goaltender: Chaloner Caffyn
3 Flag of France.svg.png France Skaters: Pierre Charpentier, Alfred de Rauch, Robert Lacroix, Landais, Robert Masson, Hugh Pedley, Robert Simond Goaltender: George Le Messurier
4 Flag of Bohemia svg.png Bohemia Skaters: Jan Fleischmann, Mila Fleischmann, Jaroslav Jarkovsky, Jaroslav Jirkovsky, Jan Palous, Frantisek Rublic, Josef Sroubek, Otakar Vindys Goaltenders: Miroslav Novy, Jan Peka
5 Flag of Switzerland.svg.png Switzerland Skaters: Bernard Bossi, Roger Burr, Ivan Chinnery, J.A. Daeschner, Gabriel Koussis, Max Sillig, Walter Stoos, H. Taylor, B. Tuck Goaltenders: A. Ewald


  • Müller, Stephan (2005). International Ice Hockey Encyclopaedia 1904–2005. Germany: Books on Demand. ISBN 3-8334-4189-5. 

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