The 1913 German Ice Hockey Championship was the second season of the German Ice Hockey Championship, the national championship of Germany. Berliner Schlittschuhclub won the championship by defeating MTV Munchen 1879 in the final.

Amateur teams belonging to the Deutscher Eislauf-Verband were eligible to participate.

First roundEdit


The southern group games were held from January 25-27, 1913, in Munich, at the Unsöld'schen Eisbahn. The 1913 European Championships were being held at the rink at the same time. DEHG Prag was also representing Austria-Hungary at the European Championships. They received a bye to the third round.

1st roundEdit

MTV München 1879 Münchener EV 29:0
Münchner SC SC Monachia München 18:0

2nd roundEdit

MTV München 1879 Münchner SC 3:9

Münchner SC was disqualified as they rostered foreign players who had been members of the team for less than a year, a violation of the tournament's rules. MTV München 1879 advanced to the third round in their place.

3rd roundEdit

MTV München 1879 DEHG Prag 5:2

North Edit

The northern group was consisted of a single game, held on January 19, 1913, and was a rematch of the previous year's championship game. The location of the game is disputed. Some sources list it as having taken place at the Berliner-Eispalast, while others assert it was played in Schierke.

Berliner Schlittschuhclub SC Charlottenburg 5:3


The final was contested on March 19, 1913, at the Berliner-Eispalast.

Berliner Schlittschuhclub MTV München 1879 4:0


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