The 1912 LIHG Championship was the first edition of the LIHG Championships. The tournament was held from March 20-24, 1912, in Brussels, Belgium. Germany won the championship, the Oxford Canadians finished second, and Belgium finished third.


Game ScoresEdit

Final TableEdit

Pl. Team GP W T L Goals Pts
1. Flag of the German Empire.svg.png Germany 4 4 0 0 31:15 8
2. Canadian Red Ensign 1921.svg Oxford Canadians 4 2 1 1 37:18 5
3. Flag of Belgium.svg.png Belgium 4 2 1 1 20:17 5
4. Flag of France.svg.png France 4 1 0 3 12:26 2
5. Flag of Switzerland.svg.png Switzerland 4 0 0 4 8:32 0

Team rostersEdit

Place Team Player
1 Flag of the German Empire.svg.png Germany Skaters: Hans Georgii, Charles Hartley, Franz Lange, Paul Martin, Johan Ollus, Walter Sachs, Alfred Steinke Goaltender: Erich Hohndorf
2 Canadian Red Ensign 1921.svg Oxford Canadians Robert Tait (others unknown)
3 Flag of Belgium.svg.png Belgium Skaters: Etienne Coupez, Fernand De Blommaert, Maurice Deprez, Paul Goeminne, Aemilius Jarvis, William Jarvis, Leopold Siersack, Henri Van den Bulcke Goaltender: Roger Van der Straten-Ponthoz
4 Flag of France.svg.png France Skaters: Paul Anspach, Andre Brasseur, Pierre Charpentier, Alfred de Rauch, Robert Lacroix, Louis Magnus, Henry Masson, Raymond Mezieres Goaltender: Maurice del Valle
5 Flag of Switzerland.svg.png Switzerland Skaters: Andre Berdez, Bernard Bossi, Fernand De Smeth, Léon Goossens, Max Holsboer, Paul Loicq, Max Sillig, Walter Stoos, B. Tuck Goaltenders: G. Dressler, Francois Vergult


  • Müller, Stephan (2005). International Ice Hockey Encyclopaedia 1904–2005. Germany: Books on Demand. ISBN 3-8334-4189-5. 

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